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Friday, May 11, 2012



Mrs. Cranky works several days a week from 3 PM to 11 PM.  I always turn the front light on when she leaves so it will be on when she comes home in the dark.

When Mrs. C comes home, she locks up…but she leaves the front light on.

Sometime later in the evening, (we tend to be night-owls) before we turn off the TV and go to sleep, she asks me, “Is the front light still on?”

“Did you turn it off?”


“Why do you come home at 11PM, lock up but still keep the light on?”

“Cause we’re still up.  You never turn the light off while you are still up so people will know.”

“But we’re in bed, why would we want people to know we’re still up?”

“Maybe someone might need help; they would know they could knock on our door.”

“Why would you want someone in trouble to knock on our door at 11 PM when we are in bed?  The logic train doesn’t stop at your station does it?”

“You’re a jerk!”

If you have a problem late at night, just knock on our door.  We’ll leave a light on for ya!  


  1. This is too funny!
    Last weekend before we went off to Scottsdale I went across to my neighbours with the keys to our house. We have had a few burglaries recently in our town and I was just trying to cover the bases as we would be away for 3 days and 3 nights. Now I don't know this neighbour very well but she is a part-time attorney having semi-retired from her position as an ADA, so I thought she has got to be way more responsible and trustworthy than the infamous Mrs B next door.
    My neighbour was shocked and horrified that I wanted her to have keys to my house and actually go in to check on the place and pick up the mail etc, and said that she would look on but would not go in. consequently S and I had to go around and put lamps on timer switches, so it would look like we were at home, and just hope that the postie realised and shoved the mail right through the letterbox!

    for us this was new way to leave the light on as it were. In the UK, my neighbours and parents had keys to my house and I had keys to theirs and when we or they were away we would go in and check the house pick up the mail, turn lights on and off, feed the cat etc... It was a nice thing to do, and a good thing to do.

    As for Mrs C - I would invest in a light with a sensor, so it is on but off through the night, unless of course someone needs help and approaches the door, where is will magically burst into life and probably scare the bejesus out of them!

    Lou :-)

  2. Yeah, the logic escapes me, too. I figure if a neighbor had a dire, life-threatening emergency they would be knocking and screaming everywhere, porch light or not.


  3. I agree with Lowandslow: in an emergency a dark porch isn't going to keep someone away. The person needing help will assume you're smart enough to turn off the light before you went to bed. They'll knock anyway.

  4. When it's dark, I always have the porch light on. I turn it off when I wake up in the morning. It's on all night long. Screw the electric bill. A dark porch creeps me out!!

    If a burglar wanted to break into my front door, then he would LOVE a dark porch! So I don't want to give him a dark porch. Unless of course he comes around the back porch, so I guess I should really leave the back porch light on, too, huh? But then what about the windows on the side of the house? What if he decides to break one of those to enter the house? I should really have lights there, too. I think I'll just put up a bunch of lighting all around my house, just to play it safe. We would be known as "the house that is all lit up" -- Then word would spread amongst the burglar community and my house would be the "don't go there" house on the block, which is just fine by me.

    Lights = good, safe
    Darkness = dangerous, scary

    We don't Trick or Treat in the daylight, do we? No! We do it at night! Why? Because it's spooky and scarier in the dark.

    So I say, keep that front porch light on!

    Funny, I never thought of a porch light as something that would "welcome" a neighbor in distress. I think of porch lights more as a deterrent for the bad guys. Geeze, where was I raised?

  5. I thought you were old enuff to know that you never argue with female logic! lol.

  6. You're all barking mad! My head is spinning from the illogical logic of it all.

  7. Mrs Cranky is very sweet.

    We never leave our front light on... x

  8. Our light is on a timer. RT -Devon, " she really build her own bridge." " actually the saying, Devon is, she burnt the bridge." Devon, "you know what I mean she built the bridge so she can leave the situation or she built it so she can leave and then take it down so the other person can't follow."

  9. Our neighbours leave there light on ALL night long. It drives me batty

  10. This is great!

    We leave the back light on (the main entrance anyway) so the dog doesn't bark all night. She doesn't like the dark, silly gigantic Belgium Shephard.

  11. We had different porch light issues at our house. When I'm out at night i like a light left on, so I leave one on for my husband, but he's not fussed about it (and likes to save electricity) so he never leaves one on for me. After months, or maybe it was years, of arguments we finally agreed to get a light that goes on when you enter the driveway. Both happy now, at least in that department.

  12. Nice to know that there's lots of hospitality happening at your household. All thanks to Mrs Cranky, of course :)


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