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Sunday, May 20, 2012


It is Sunday, time for Cranky’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

Blind gun enthusiast wins appeal to get guns back, again – At least that’s what they told him.

NC Democratic governor rips her own state for gay marriage ban: ‘We look like Mississippi’ – I disagree.  North Carolina looks like an upside down Aladdin’s lamp.  Mississippi looks like a silhouette of Bart Simpson.

North Carolina                                                                                      Alladin's Lamp


                                                              Bart Simpson
            (Thats it, tech challanged Cranky can not get the labels correct. Just make believe they line up!)                                                                                

Assaults down, but robberies jump in first quarter ACT crime Stats - Maybe our robbers have learnt to be more polite and don't thump us anymore when they relieve us of our valuables? 

Guest submission and comment from JohnD  toktokplace

Alabama grandfather faces felony charges for attacking youth softball ump – Not such a big deal, except this was a GIRLS SOFTBALL GAME!!!  Come on dude, freaking man the F up!!

Jindal On Obama's Experience: He 'Never Ran a Lemonade Stand' – Sex with an intern…not a problem, take drugs as a youth…not a problem, dodge the draft…not a problem, lousy speaker…not a problem, fight off a crazed rabbit is a river…not a problem, never ran a lemonade stand…BIG PROBLEM!!

Man sets himself on fire outside Breivik trial – If smoke is white, killer is guilty.  (I know; Mrs. Cranky didn’t think it was funny either. It’s the Tourette’s.)

Beauty pageant winner caught in ugly controversy – Well it is a beauty pageant, so should the winner be ugly?

Honda creates a butt-steered Segway with the Uni-Cub rolling stool – Maybe it’s just me, but I would not call a butt steering device a rolling stool.

Egypt: Owner of belly dancing TV station arrested – I would like to see a TV station that could belly dance.

Oregon bans Native American mascots in schools - This is horrible.  I say if Native Americans want to have a mascot they should be allowed to have a mascot.
Dozens of flyswatters wash up on Alaska beaches Global Warming is blamed; flyswatters are put on the endangered species list.     


  1. Arapaho High School, home of the Fighting WASP's....sure, why not? ;)


  2. As a resident of North Carolina, I would like to ask Ma Bev whats wrong with looking like Mississippi. Maybe she should start with her own party before telling the rest of us how to act. I guess lie, cheating, stealing, and many other things are okay if you are in a position of power.

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  4. The butt-steered stool made my afternoon. Thank you!


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