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Monday, May 7, 2012




Sunday June 3 is the date of the fifth annual Cut-a-thon for a cure for Pancreatic Cancer held at the Hair Shop in Parlin New Jersey.  What, you haven’t heard of it?  In my wife’s family it is huge.  My wife Karen and her siblings Maryann, Donna, and John (kinda sounds like the Dion song) lost both of their parents to Pancreatic Cancer.

This is an insidious disease.   Someone once mentioned that when you go to a walk-for-a-cure event for Breast Cancer you see hundreds of tee-shirts that say “Survivor.”  That is a wonderful thing.  When you go to a walk-for-a-cure event for Pancreatic Cancer all the tee-shirts say “In Memory Of.”

Maryann runs a hair salon and started the Cut-a-thon five  years ago.  Maryann, the hair stylists at her shop and John’s wife Claudine all contribute their time and skill for one day cutting hair.  The proceeds from all these cuts go to the Lustengarten Fund for a cure to this horrible disease. 

Maryann’s husband Mike works his butt off planning and setting up the event.  Donna and Karen help organize the event and do whatever odd jobs are needed.  John, along with various tasks during the event, deals with his three sisters during planning meetings.  This is a very difficult task indeed.

Family friend Sharon C. handles publicity, soliciting donations and anything else she is asked to do.   
There are five cousins who all chip in to make the Cut-a-thon a success. Along with helping at the event, Nicole takes notes at the family meetings. Lenny, a professional actor and dancer, entertains the children.  Casey face paints at the event, Peter does whatever he is told, and Carli bakes cookies and sells them with lemonade. 

The entire family works hard and contributes whatever skills they have toward making this event a success.  The only one who does almost nothing for this event is me, the Cranky Old Man.

This post will be my contribution.  

Last year several friends responded to my post and contributed:

Fast Freddy and Jazzy Janet J. 

Scott and Helene Z.

Tom and Barbara A.

Chris and Mary Stewart H.
Thanks guys!!  If I missed anyone thank you also.

Donations this year can be made at the site listed here:

I realize people all have their own special charities.  Let this post be a heads up to contribute, if not to Pancreatic Cancer, then to your own special cause.

Tell them The Cranky Old Man sent you.


       Claudine "Hard at work"
 Maryann "Brains behind the cause"
                                 Casey, Nicole and Carli                                                              


  1. Great people (including you, too, Cranky) working for a great cause. How inspiring! :)


  2. What a great post Cranky. We are reminded on a daily basis how awful this damn cancer is. I lost my mom 3 years ago and have had friends diagnosed to young. I am walking for a cure this year and knowing that just that little bit I am doing will go a long way......cheers

  3. Thank you for this post Cranky. My husband died of this ugly disease eight years ago...I pray one day for a his memory I'll contribute via the link.

  4. I can't think of many causes greater than this one. This disease generally strikes so quickly and, as you've indicated, is difficult to survive. Bless you all for your hard work.

  5. What a great family. Their kids are a testament to the parents.

  6. Wow ! Looks like there's plenty of community spirit where you are. Great work ! We all need to be reminded how important it is for all of us to be involved in charity work. Thank you.

  7. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"! mawaddainternationalaid


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