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Friday, March 23, 2012



Tuesday I took the NC Crankettes, the Lady Crank, and Mr. Step-crank to downtown NYC….well it was more like I accompanied the above crowd as I did more following than taking.
The NC Crankettes

We drove from NJ to Staten Island and took the ferry to downtown.  Passing the Statue of Liberty was very exciting, especially for the Crankettes.
The NC Crankettes 

Just about as exciting was the aquarium in the SI Terminal which had many colorful reef fish including “NEMO”…I KNOW!!

From the terminal in Bowling Green downtown, we walked past the now famous Bull.  I remember when this statue was first unveiled right across the street from where I worked.  We would occasionally go up and pat it on the head or grab the horns, but mostly it was no big deal.  Now there is a line of tourists 100 feet long waiting for the chance to get a picture standing next to the bull.
The Oldest Crankette

We walked up Broadway past Trinity Church, and I pointed down Wall Street to show the Step-crank the site of the “Great Wall Street Titty Riot of 1970.”  (You will have to buy “Maybe It’s Just Me!” for that story.) We passed Zucotti Park now famous for the unwashed wanabe Hippies of today who are desperate for a cause to rebel against so they Occupy Wall Street.  (Way to go unwashed, your movement marked the start of a very nice bull market.)

We passed the construction of the Freedom Tower and saw the reflecting pools marking the footprints of the World Trade Center Towers.  We then went on to the World Financial Center and the impressive Atrium.  We lunched at a NYC Italian Deli, a delicious experience in it self.

We tried to visit the 911 memorial but the wait was too long and the Crankettes (read that Grandpa Joe) were getting antsy.  We worked our way to the South Street Seaport, had an ice cream break and circled around back to the ferry terminal.

On the Staten Island side we searched for the pedestrian way out (not the bus or subway routes).  The Lady Crankette insisted she knew the way, but Grandpa Joe exhausted and achy from the 6+ miles of city walking (city walking is way more tiring than other walking) refused to let a six year old lead the way and led the crowd to the promised land.  Stopped by police ¼ mile later we backtracked and took the Lady Crankettes advice.  Turns out a child would lead the way!

I barely made it up the mountain that must be climbed from the ferry terminal to reach the parking lot.  An hour later we were home. 

The Crankettes were well behaved and I think they enjoyed themselves.  The Lady Crank needs one more visit in order to find a knockoff Coach pocketbook, otherwise I think she also enjoyed herself.  The Step-crank suffered the whole trip from a massive allergy attack but I think he still enjoyed the trip.  He was certainly helpful in herding the Crankettes through crowded streets.  He seems to enjoy his newly inherited niece and nephews.  The feeling appears to be mutual.

The Cranky Old Man survived. But I did finish the day with a two hour nap.      


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day in NYC..The Crankettes are gorgeous - you sure they're related to you? (only joking of course)

    Lou :-)

  2. Great trip!! And awesome pictures. What a good and non-cranky (with a lower case 'c') looking bunch!

  3. I love the pic of the 3 crankettes checking out the Statue of Liberty pretty awesome. Sounds like you had an amazing time.

  4. so the crank has a sore spot for cuteness... ah!

  5. I love NYC! My sister and I used to go into the City on weekends, and just walk around. I'm glad everyone had a great time!