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Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I love bowling.  I have been bowling since I was eight years old.  I bonded with my dad through bowling.  We went to the Village Lanes in Manhasset, Long Island, every Sunday after church.  I currently bowl in a league every Tuesday.  Our team’s name is Friggina.

Friggina (short for Friggin A) may not be a particularly classy name; none of the league’s team names are classy.  “The Kingpins” was taken as was “Strikers,” “The Splits,” and “Gutter Ballers.” I love bowling, but bowling is not a sport.  It is a game.  At least our team name has more class than last year’s champions, “Haywood Jablowme.” Bowling is not a classy game.

Bowling is a game, not a sport.  Any event where you can drink and smoke while you are on the bench is a game not a sport.  Any group whose professional tournaments are sponsored by “Motel 6,” “Denny’s,” “Lumber Liquidators,” or “Odor Eaters” is a game not a sport. 

The winner of this year’s Professional Bowlers Association “Odor Eaters’ National Championship” won a plexi-glass odor eater foot-insert trophy and $5000.  Bowling is a game, not a sport.

Half of the bowlers in our league are over 50 years old.  The old timers are all very competitive with bowlers half their age.  They can be competitive because………bowling is a game, not a sport.     

I love watching the PBA tour bowlers on TV.  When they get a strike these 5’4” “athletes” pump their fist and let out a primal yell like they just sacked the quarterback to win the Super Bowl. 
Ooh I’m scared!!

 DUDE!!  It’s bowling.  It is a game, not a sport.

I love bowling!  It is a great game (it is not a sport.)


  1. I cranky totally agree as much as I like to bowl it is a game and not a sport!

  2. The only difference i see in good bowler and a poor bowler is the quality of their swing..efforts put by bowler is wasted if their swing is not as good as it should be..and it was nice visiting here..thanks for sharing your this post..:-)
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  4. Can't disagree with you joeh..... Bowling is not just a sport... It is a game... And the fun of the game is just double when you are wearing your favorite Bowling Shoes.


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