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Friday, March 16, 2012



There is nothing like a pair of old shoes.  Stretched at every abnormal bump on your foot, nothing fits like an old shoe.  When you are in a hurry your feet slip into those old shoes as you are on the run.  If old shoes get a little dirty, who cares?  They are old shoes.  Sadly, old shoes eventually wear out.  The sole gets too thin, water leaks in and they get too shabby looking for even the most casual occasion. 

Then you get new shoes.  They look great, they even smell good, but they pinch your feet and you need a shoehorn to put them on.  You hate to get new shoes dirty.  You hate to scuff them. They are new shoes.

Is there anything cuter than a puppy?  They are cuddly, happy, frisky and comical.  Bringing a puppy home is exciting, but then they don’t obey.  They run away and will not come when called.  They get in the garbage.  They pee, poop and spew.  It takes years for a puppy to learn your rules, to come when called, to sit, to stay, to tell you when they need to go for a walk, to become an old pair of shoes.

This week I got a new laptop.  The old one was unreliable in picking up a wireless signal.  It was a little slow, it was scratched.  Its battery life was limited and the power cord would cut out from time to time.  Replacing the battery and buying a new power cord was almost as expensive as buying a new laptop.

The new laptop is bigger and lighter than the old laptop.  It is faster, does not drop the wireless signal, will run for four hours on the battery and has updated software.  However, the touchpad is super sensitive.  Unless I guide the little arrow with a feather-like touch it will not move.  If I press too hard on the pad the screen size changes and I don’t know how to reset it.  Out of nowhere the arrow turns to a scroll bar and I can’t stop it from scrolling.  I can’t find my files, my pictures, or my open screens.  The new version of word is better.  I guess.  For now I prefer the old version.

It has been several days now and I am slowly learning the proper pressure to control my cursor.  It takes a frustrating amount of effort, but I can eventually find my files. Slowly I am becoming comfortable with the new laptop.  We still are not in synch.  It is still like a puppy. 

I miss my old pair of shoes.  


  1. Give it a few more weeks and it will fit like your ol pair of shoes. Control key plus key will make screen bigger. Control negative key smaller...:0)

  2. I agree with you about touchpads on new computers. The other day I tried to find out how to turn off the scrolling feature -- no luck. It still feels new even though I'll have had it two years in April!

  3. This is my most favorite blog. Well, compared to all of the other ones.

  4. I too am learing about changes. How to, how not to, and long for the days of switching out but still being able to access the old files, the old way of doing things... Sometimes new is good, sometimes not.

    If I find a pair of shoes I like, I buy two pair and store one for later use and abuse. Maybe that's just me.

    Oh and the new word verification stinks too.

  5. my husband just keeps getting his "re"soled..costs about the same as a new pair.

  6. I can understand that one. Soon the new laptop will feel like old shoes.

  7. All the fun-computer new will become an old pair of shoes, soon.

    If you put your finger at the far vertical right or bottom horizontal, those are the scroll bar areas for the keypad. To resize your screen image, if it is too small, use both forefingers and place them in the center of mouse pad and move out. If the image is too large, use both forefingers place at diagonal opposites on the mouse pad and bring them in together.

    I didn't like the way MSWord saved my files either, and it took me a while to figure what it was doing. I used the search and recent Word documents often until I figured it out.

    However, CONGRATULATIONS on the new laptop! Enjoy its pluses, make mistakes (you'll learn faster that way), and keep your connections going! (-:


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