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Monday, March 12, 2012



Several weeks ago I took my son skiing in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  I went on-line to Google Maps for directions to the Ski Resort.  The directions had me take PA-946 East then turn right on   PA-946 West.  This made little sense to me, but I  thought would figure it out when I got to PA-946.

When I reached PA-946 it was a one lane road in two directions, east or west.  I could not see how going east on this road could eventually lead to PA-946 West so I ignored the directions and simply turned right to PA-946 West which in fact led me to the Ski Resort.

I thought this was just a onetime quirk in the computer direction program. 


Yesterday Mrs. Cranky and I had to go to a function in Summit, N.J.  Here are the Google Map directions starting at Rt. 22 East:

Turn Rt. onto Watchung Ave.                                             Go  .4mi.

Slight Right onto Somerset St.                                            Go  .7mi.

Turn left onto Hillside Rd.                                                    Go  .8mi.

Merge onto I-78 East to Newark                                          Go 3.7mi.

Take exit 44 toward Berkley Heights                                Go  .2mi.

Turn Right onto 527 South                                                 Go  .1mi.

Take the 1st right onto McMane Ave                                Go  .8mi.

Turn Left onto Diamond Hill Rd.                                        Go  .2mi

Take the ramp onto I-78 West                                            Go  2.9mi.

Take exit 40 toward Watchtung                                         Go  .2mi.

Turn Left onto Hillcrest Rd.                                                 Go  .1mi.

Merge onto I-78 East to Newark                                          Go  5.7mi.

Take exit 45 to Summit

Mrs. Cranky thought that rather than taking 78 West to exit 44 and then going back 78  East 2.9 miles in order to then take 78 West to exit 45 it might be better to just stay on 78 West the first time and go straight to exit 45.

 I probably would have followed directions.

There is a reason I married Mrs. Cranky!


  1. Where would you be without Mrs Cranky...oh yes - you'd be lost on the road

  2. How funny is that?

    If you use MapQuest and hope to go from anywhere in the US to Europe- it has you SWIMMING across the pond (Atlantic Ocean). I think I will take a plane thanks.