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Thursday, March 8, 2012



Today I had to activate a new debit card.  I was asked my birth date, and the last four digits of my social security number.   

My daughter called, she needed to know my address and my ZIP code.

I went to the gym and needed to remember the six numbers to open my combination lock.    

I left the house to babysit for the two Crankettes. I had to set the house alarm with a five digit code, and then I needed a four digit code to open the garage door.  I needed money for gas so I stopped at the Wawa and used my newly activated debit card to take money out of the ATM.  This required a four digit code. 

When I reached the Crankettes home I needed to remember my son’s garage door code to get in the house.  I then had to dial up Mrs. Cranky to let her know I arrived safely.

They say to ward off old age memory problems you should exercise your mind every day.  Today I had to remember and use eleven different numerical codes.  In addition I needed a password to start my laptop, a login code and a password to access my Google account, a login code and password to log on to facebook, a login code and password to log on to twitter, a login code and password for my Optimum e-mail account, a login code and a password for my Yahoo e-mail account, a login code and password to access my banking account and a login code, a password and a “person number” (I KNOW!) to access my health insurance account.  
Mrs. Cranky often chastises me for not remembering stuff.  She makes fun of my senior moments.  Today I remembered eleven numerical addresses or codes, seven logon codes, eight passwords, and one “person number.” 
I think it is safe to say that….ah….I mean….huh.   

Never mind.   


  1. Lol Cranky - the number sof codes and passwords we remember on a daily basis certainly adds up when you think about it....Imagine how screwed we would all be if we forgot

    Have a great day
    Lou :-)

  2. Astonishing when you think about it! And now in the UK all credit cards have pin numbers!

  3. Yep I totally agree it is crazy the amount of numbers we have to remember on a daily basis. Shit I could not remember my zip code this morning.

  4. Great post. I have resorted to writing everything down because I really CAN'T remember all the codes and passwords to everything. I know it isn't safe to write it down, but I just got tired of having to create a new password to everything, because I couldn't get in because i couldn't remember!!!

  5. True, Cranky. We do have a ton of numbers to remember, but you know what is kind of crazy, no one remembers one another's phone numbers! I asked some students if could phone their parents for permission to record their children for a podcast. Kids said sure, but instead of rattling off their parents' numbers, they texted the number to my phone. Many of them said that if the phone didn't show a picture of/say the name of who was phoning, they wouldn't know who it was until they said, "Hello." I think that is also crazy, or maybe, just a sign of the times.