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Saturday, March 31, 2012



Why are men so nuts when it comes to their car?  I know, I am a guy I should know, but it just doesn’t click.  Maybe it’s because my wife is turning me gay.

I like a clean car without dents or scratches.  I clean the Tasty-Pie aluminum plates and gum wrappers from my car floor several times a year.  Sometimes when it rains I will pull my car out of the garage to let nature give it a wash. 

Dirt, dents, and scratches are inevitable.  If you try to keep your car dirt, dent and scratch free, it will become a full time job.  When I buy a new car the first thing I do is give it a small dent and a tiny scratch.  That way I don’t freak out when the inevitable happens.

My neighbor is car crazy.  He washes his car inside and out 2-3 times a week.  He is constantly adding on new stuff; special mats, bumper guards, audio stuff…he adds something new to his car every week.

He has painted his engine red; he replaced all the hoses with red hoses.  His brake pads....covers? Whatever they are called behind the wheels are all painted red and he touches them up whenever they get scratched.  You can barely even see them unless the wheels are off!

This neighbor’s car is not a Porsche, or a BMW or even a Lexus.  It is a compact Mazda or Toyota; not the type of car that anyone would ever give a second glance no matter how clean and tricked out it is.

I guess this car obsession becomes a hobby.  It is an expensive and time consuming hobby.  I don’t get it, but then I spend just as much time on this stupid blog as my neighbor does on his car.  At least he is increasing the resale value of his car. 

I thought my neighbor was overly consumed with his car until last week when I spotted a dude in a parking lot going over his entire little sports car with a huge feather duster.  He was dusting the top, the hood, the bumpers, the wheels and between the spokes of his wheels.  All the while his bimbo, bleached blonde, fake balloon breasted girlfriend was fawning all over him.

Oh…now I get it!


  1. hehe yeah he might have some long as mine is running i am fine...otherwise it is just a tool...i guess it does have to stay oiled though

  2. Cars! I love vintage cars!
    My dream car is a 1961 FB Holden, which my adored husband is restoring for me. I have wanted one since I was 17...all fins and chrome and pretty two tone, vinyl seats in bright colours... and that lovely, lovely curved glass that allows you to see almost 360.
    She is shiny and will be well loved and cherished.
    Unlike my current car, which sounds much more like yours. Repairs, yes, adoration, no.

    Regarding the incentive... well, when we started dating, hubby took a picture of me in front of the car he had finished restoring before we met. Very short dress... but I am still unsure if he has it framed at work because of me or the car! :-o

  3. For some folks, their car is like family. They never leave it behind. I perfectly understand why some turn out to be too much of a clean freak when it comes to their rides. After all, cars are quite an investment, and it's just right to treat them like our own kids. :)

  4. I think guys are just being over-protective with their cars. Like in my case, I do check our car whenever I’m free. I do the check up and maintenance myself. It’s all because I want to be assured that we’ll not experience any inconveniences on the road because of the car. Do treat your cars right!

    -Erwin Calverley

  5. HAHA! Maybe they just want a clean and shiny car! What do you think? Either way, it’s good to wash your car once in a while to avoid damage cause by dirt and other debris.

    ~Mickey Doshi


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