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Thursday, September 22, 2011



The amazing thing about toddler talk is how siblings understand it perfectly.  When I visited my daughter during my granddaughter Halley’s peak cute toddler talk years, I used her older brother Tommy as an interpreter.  He always knew what she was saying.
When I am on my Thursday sit with Matt’s children, I am amazed that Cole interprets for Connor.  It is amazing because Connor does not talk.  Connor points and grunts with varying intonations. 

“Connor says no.” 

“Thank you Cole.”

“Connor wants down.”

“Thank you Cole.”
“Connor wants his yellow shirt with the green stripes…….or he has a big smelly poop.”

“Thank you Cole.”
Cole is almost never wrong, he interprets intonations!

This week Cole got frustrated with my inability to understand the secret toddler language.  I asked him what story they read last week at Barnynoven Barnes and Noble.  Cole responded, “Pling blives.”
“What?  Ping Lives?”

"Sing bees?”

I threw up my hands.  I had no idea.  That is when Cole got creative.  He walked over and picked up a toy, held it out, dropped it and said, “Pling.”

“Ness (yes)”

He then went over to a potted plant, pointed to the leaves and said, “Blives.”

“Falling leaves?  The book was about falling leaves?

When Grandma Elaine came to take Cole to this week’s B+N reading she confirmed last week’s reading was in fact about falling leaves.

I’m thinking that Cole was pretty smart to communicate by playing charades.

The answer to last week’s Toddler Talk quiz –

“Meeshkin Mushkin” was “English Muffin” – No Whoop-tee-doos were awarded. 
Scott Z. was close with “Dunkin Munchkins”
This week’s Toddler Talk quiz is courtesy of Mrs. Cranky’s son Peter (now 21)

“Puppy Tilding.” Used in a toddler sentence:

“Ooh, ita big Puppy Tilding!”

The winner will receive a Whoop-tee-doo! 

Let’s at least have some guesses this week!


  1. way to easy master cranky...way to easy

  2. Purple building?
    Fluffy building?

  3. Profeessor p is inelligable!

    Purple or fluffy building is close enough for a whoop!

  4. Yea, something building. The vet office? Ha!

    It's all about living with the toddler that enables one to understand them. You see them point to it an talk about it enough...

    So cute though!

  5. definitely fluffy something - not building though - maybe chicken

    fluffy chicken

    thats my guess

    Lou :-)