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Monday, September 12, 2011


I have had limited internet access since Friday.  Therefore my weekly Sunday post with this week’s headlines and my sophomoric dumb comments has been delayed until today  

 Sexist Men, Women May Be a Good Fit: Study
Who in the name of Hell paid for that study?  “Here, take this one million dollars and figure out some dumb obvious shit.   Thank you.”

Prostitutes Need a Permit to Work the Night Shift So…you are permitted to suck in the day without a Permit, but at night you need a permit to be permitted to suck. Working girls all agree, new law sucks!

EU clears stem cell trial for broken hearts Recruiting losers from the “Bachelorette” for double blind testing.

Short-Term Memory Loss May Be Best Predictor of Alzheimer's Doctors also…ah…um…What?

Humans Had Sex Regularly With Mysterious Extinct Relatives in Africa I’m not sure about sex with relatives, but these relatives were EXTINCT I know that that is just WRONG!!

Bangladesh, India sign deals to protect tigers Detroit owner claims his team is solvent and does not need protection.

China orders probe into ConocoPhillips oil spill When they pulled out the probe there was a sticky black substance on it. 

Poll finds Republican Turner leading in Anthony Weiner special election Turner is running uncontested; no one wants to be elected Anthony Weiner!

Dolphins 'Talk' Like Humans, New Study Suggests I’m not surprised, I’ve always said, “ek ek ek eee eee ek eee ek ek ek ek eee!”

Michael Jackson jurors given 31-page questionnaire- Pretty sure the verdict is going to be he is DEAD!

Giant Black Hole Jets May Erupt Closer to Their Roots O…..K….ummm…..but who is going to win the Superbowl?

PR man found guilty of setting family on fire I’m no expert, but I’m thinking that is pretty poor public relations.

Drunk Swedish Moose Found Stuck in Tree Not to be politically incorrect, but isn’t it just always the SWEDISH moose?

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