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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cranky Old Man at Disney Day 2

Cranky Old Man at Disney Day 2

Day 2 at Disney was a little easier on the Cranky Old Man.  We went to Disney Hollywood studios.  The crowds seemed a little less, and we were more expeditious in the use of the fast pass system.  There were more sitting exhibits, and with some Gold Bond Powder, less chaffing.
The Crankettes managed to get several “Disney Autographs”, including the much sought after Donald and Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse.  The worst job at Disney has to be the employee that tells five your old children, “I’m sorry, but the line for Minnie is closed.”

My biggest complaint at Disney is the waiting.  It’s not just the exhibits. There is a line for ice cream, a line for the restroom, and when it rains (which is apparently every freaking day) there is a line for an overpriced poncho.  Lunch facilities are packed, and you cannot even get a seat at a sit-down restaurant.

Another Disney observation is the kids.  I give credit to the Wannabe Princess; her Crankettes are well behaved and are enjoying themselves.  I see so many children that are crying, pouting, kicking and screaming.  These little brats are in the world’s greatest children’s environment and they are still miserable!  They want this, they want that, and the poor parents are carrying all that shit around all day.  Parents….if your kid is going to be miserable, why spend thousands of dollars.  I am sure they can be just as miserable for nothing at home.

My final observation for the day involves strollers.  If your six year old can’t walk the park, don’t go!  When I see these kids in a stroller with their knees up to their chins sucking down a soda and pointing the way for dad to push them…whining all the way, I want to barf.  When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, old enough to talk, old enough to freaking WALK!


  1. Hey Joe - I quite agree...Makes me so mad the number of parents to insist no pushing or carrying their kids everywhere...The little people have legs, let them use them....

    Glad you guys are having a fun time!

  2. At first glance- I thought the hand was flipping the bird. Shows what I think of the park...

  3. Seriously the last paragraph is classic - I can totally see those kids and their knees. We did stick our six year old in a stroller since we were at the parks for about 10 hours a day. Completely worth it to me. Only difference is that our kids were not whining about anything.


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