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Sunday, September 4, 2011



On the seventh day you shall rest. 

It’s Sunday, time for another cheap easy post.  There is nothing easier than finding strange headlines and adding stupid sophomoric comments to them.  Without further ado my Sunday’s HEADLINES OF 09-02:

 Paintball Shot Ruptures Woman's Breast Implant- No shit! Direct hit on tit!

Irene: Wet, deadly and expensive, but no monster – OK, maybe a date or two, but please, do not get serious!

Pennsylvania Man Charged Again for Putting Ribs in Pants – Man is told again to wear his pants at the waist; no one wants to see him with his pants over his ribs!

Obama's uncle held by immigration authorities- Doesn’t everyone have at least one of those uncles?

Washington man lights beehive on fire after sting Bee still refuses to apologize.

2 pajama-clad girls take stolen goat for walk This is ridiculous, I always dress appropriately before I take my stolen goats for a walk.

Man Hides 7 Snakes, 3 Tortoises in Pants Embarrassed man caught before boarding plane claims “I forgot!”

U.S. Man Describes Shears Impaling Eye Socket – “Mom told me to never run with scissors, she never mentioned shears!”

New Huggies Little Movers Camo Diapers Go On the March Exclusively at Walmart Oh great, camouflage diapers…now where did that poop go? (I know…)

Alaska woman punched bear to save her dog Alaska husband fears for his life!

Bad Economy Saving Inmates From Death Row Obama leads in polls of convicted murderers 65-35%  

Man Says He Can't Remember Taking Bite Out of 2-Foot Python – Slightly intoxicated man claims, “Ridiculous! Snakes don’t have feet.”

Thirsty 13' set Guinness World Record for hitting more than 200 pubs in 24-hours – Same group also sets Guinness record for peeing in over 75 pub men’s rooms!
Palin: "Polls are for Strippers and Cross Country Skiers" – Democrats mock the Republican hopeful for leaving out Poland.


  1. I needed a good laugh, thank you for those!
    Will definitely be back for another visit.
    --visiting from the Monday Mingle Blog hop

  2. Loved the first and last. You sure know how to start and end things!


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