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Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Day three at Disney, and it was off to Animal Kingdom.  This was a park I thought I might enjoy, and I was looking forward to watching the kids as they saw fantastic new animals up close.  Off course our lodging surrounds an African savanna setting. There are zebras, ostriches, giraffes, water buffalo, cranes, and horned animals by the dozen.  What excited the Crankettes and one of the step-cranks the most?  Look, a rabbit!  Yes, a rare Florida rabbit was the big attraction.
Animal Kingdom proved to be pretty cool, and the lines were not as bad as the other parks.  We even had lunch with almost no wait and no problem finding a table.

One aside I must submit here.  I have been critical of the “scooter customers.”  Those patrons who for one reason or the other (Usually they are just too freaking fat) are unable to walk the park.  I felt bad about this criticism until today.  Today I saw one of our brave soldiers walking the park…with a prosthetic leg, and a prosthetic arm.  Here was a man who literally lost an arm and a leg for his country, and he was walking the park.  I did not see if he had to wait in line or not.  I only hope he was brought to the front of every exhibit to the cheers of the crowd…..fat scooter people included.

We went on a safari in the morning.  It was way cool.  There were animals from lions and cheetahs to elephants and rhinos.  The tour was excellently narrated by our driver who sounded exactly like Sam Kinnison.  It was educational and entertaining. 
Safari so good!

I am so sorry.  I had to write that, it’s my Tourette’s.  I am just very sorry. 

The rest of the day went well, and we saw several very nice exhibits.  We took a break from three o’clock to five, and then it was off to the Magic Kingdom for a Halloween special evening. 
If people think water boarding is torture, I invite them to a Disney special Halloween evening.  Everywhere I looked there was either a princess, or Captain Jack Sparrow.  Lines for Disney autographs were huge, and the parade (granted the kids loved it) was tedious.  Fortunately Mrs. Cranky let me skip the fireworks (Mrs. C loves fireworks) and I caught an empty bus back to our lodge.  I survived.  Tomorrow I am allowed a day at the pool and the next day we take a Disney cruise.

It was brutal, but I survived.  Let the memories please begin to fade.      


  1. Dear Your High Exalted Lord Of Smart, you make me laugh. Oh and Grandpa Joe does too. :-)

  2. it seems like you are faring well this week! it almost feels like i'm re-living disney through you and the cranks. i went when i was 14 and even then i thought "i am probably too old for this." it was extremely crowded then, and a seagull even stole some kid's food out of the kid's hand, while the kid was in a stroller. too much for me.

    12 of my cousins and i got food poisoning from pizza hut. they offered us a free pizza. o_O

    i'm glad you're surviving! i'm sure the crankettes and step cranks will remember this week and remember you during it for being so awesome. such a trooper!

    have fun!


  3. I laughed out loud at the "if you thought water boarding was torture." We were at Disney three years ago at the same time and it is unbelievable - of course for the price I paid to get in it better be. Hope your day at the pool was relaxing.

  4. Your entire family, including your "crancketts" are hideously ugly! Surprising since you are so critical of others. Ever heard the suppression, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? Maybe if you weren't such an asshole the karma gods would have smiled more on you guys in the looks department......YIKES!

  5. OK, Anon, you misspelled crankettes, and its an expression, not a supression, my grandchildren are beautiful and I used to be handsom in the day. I was not critical of anyone in this post except fat lazy people riding scooters of which I guess you must be one. Also I guess you have never heard of sarcasm.

    I do enjoy all comments positive or negative and do not delete any.

    I am sorry you have issues and are just a little stupid.


  6. Further Anon, It is one thing to attack me, but to call 5 children that you do not know all under the age of 8 is a little mean don't you think, they said nothing to upset you, and by the way they are all very cute! What makes a person truly ugly is the venum in their veins I suspect you have an abundance. Bully me you smuck, don't bully little children who have nothing to do with you! Ta ta you weak snivilling anonymous coward! Peace and love, peace and love.