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Thursday, September 8, 2011



For some of you out there who have requested a Thursday Grandpa Joe baby-sitting update here it is.

This week was relatively uneventful, which means I didn’t lose a single child.  Connor had the sniffles, and is apparently afraid of tissue paper.  He has no problem at all with my shirt, so I had to learn to do the tissue paper sneak up.

Connor rewarded me with a little extra diaper treat three times.  The little rascal has a camouflaged butt.  He has natural specks and a large birthmark which look like he has not been completely cleaned.  It took three cleanups and I had nearly wiped him raw when I realized he had natural decoy poop specks.   

Cole’s grandma came by to take Cole to Barnynoven for a story book reading which I think Grandma Elaine enjoys as much as Cole.

Cole came home in time to meet Randy who almost crossed me up because he changed the direction of his route.  Fortunately I heard him approach and Cole got his weekly garbage truck fix, his Randy Hello, and a big garbage truck goodbye honk.

My toddler vocabulary is increasing.  In a few years I may be fluent.  Hopefully the toddlers will learn English first.  My new toddler vocabulary words (I try and use in a sentence three times a day) are:

Prensins – Pretzels

Oxes – Sox

Oopie - Change my diaper quick!

Barnynoven – Barnes and Noble

I leave this last vocabulary word for you moms out there to figure out.

“Babajuk”….. Anyone?

The winner gets a whoop-tee-doo. 


  1. Is it Garbage Truck?!

    My kids love garbage day too!!

  2. Sounds like garbage truck to me Joe!

    Have good day :-)

    Lou :-)

  3. Hi Joeh!

    Loved your post! And I have chosen you to recieve The Versatile Blogger award.

    Please come visit my blog at and pass on the love.


  4. I too vote for Garbage truck. Although the word truck at our house has recenlty started to sound more like the f bomb. Fruck.

    Gotta love the wee ones!!


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