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Saturday, September 24, 2011



I’m going to lose some “followers” with this, but I’m guessing those followers don’t really follow anyway.  I love comments, I am sure most of us do, but some comments are so in sincere I can do without them.
Some comments are the blogging equivalent to “have a nice day.”  I can have a nice day without someone telling me to thank you very much.  “You have a great day now.”  Thanks, I was planning on getting a flat tire, catching a cold and finding my wife with another dude until you told me to “Have a great day now.”

The comments that really get me are the follow me comments.

LOL, good stuff, check me out at ****@*****

I do check out the other sites, but “Mollysellsgirlyshittomommys”?  I am the Cranky Old Man.  I am sure many people love your site, but a Cranky Old Man?  You are not reading my stuff, and I don’t like girly shit, why should we follow?  What is it with these follow numbers?
I see bloggers who follow over three thousand other blogs.  How?  What is going on?  Who the frick can read thousands of blogs per day?

Here is a comment that just made me warm all over:
“Those were interesting, thank you, new follower at*****@***** check me out.”

INTERESTING?  The post was supposed to be funny.  If you read it you would say either “very funny”, or “that sucked”.  Very Interesting, what does that mean?

Here are other bull shit comments, I’d rather not see:
“Love your blog, I’m at *****@*****”
“Great post, passing through from *****@*****”
“Love your site, following from *****@***** stop by…..”
“Stopping by from ****@**** now following and would love a follow back if you get a chance”
“Hi, I am a new follower from ****@***** please follow back”

Here is a generalization that will cost me some friends.  The MOM blogs are full of “buy this”, “win this” and “coupons, coupons, coupons”.  The MUM blogs tend to have content.  Are we that shallow in the USA, or can you make money with coupon shit?
Hey, I’m just asking.

Hope I did not offend anyone with this, but those I would offend do not really read my stuff any way. 
I’ll bet I get at least one comment, “Lol, following from *****@*****, come check me out.”

You have a great day now!


  1. Yep. Totally get you on this. That is why I stopped doing many of the blog hops. But remember, the goal of a blog hop is to increase followers. I found you on a blog hop so I know you joined one! However, even with the blog hops, it really is rude to leave those kinds of comments. If someone leaves me a comment like that, I do not go view their blog. I used to, but no longer. I'd rather have 50 loyal followers than 5,000 "followers" who never visit again.

    I am not dissing blog hops! However, it's important to stick with your genre. Cranky Guys should not join mommy blog hops. For my recipe blog I now only join other recipe blog hops (although I still get some of those comments) and for my writing blog, I actually don't do any blog hops.

    Have a nice day! :-)

  2. I completely agree with you on this one. I hate when it's obvious that someone hasn't read your blog and is just making a comment so they can ask you to follow them.

    I write about the loss of my son on my blog and after writing an especially emotional post I was shocked to get a comment from someone saying how "cute" my blog was and to make sure to visit and follow them. Cute?? I'm not sure what's cute about stillbirth?? It made me so mad that I literally wanted to reach through the internet and punch them in the face.

    If all you want to blog about is giveaways and sponsored posts then I'm not interested,,, no matter what country you live in.

    The sad part is that the "followers" you are worried about offending will probably never read this post. They're too busy trying to gain new followers.

  3. Hey Joe

    I was reading this thinking OMG I hope he doesn't mean me! Thankfully I haven't left any comments quite so crass, and don't think I ever would.

    I have no choice put to keep reading your blog - there isn't a 2nd book yet to the best of my knowledge! The first one is an excellent read and giggle though. Poor S is very fed up of me re-reading bits to him that I find most amusing!

    Keep up the crankiness

    Lou :-)

  4. I totally agree on this one. As someone else mentioned, these kinds of comments are why I stopped participating in a lot of blog hops. Now I stick to the Rewind and Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.
    I have to say, you almost always crack me up with your posts. You have such a distinct tone to your writing that I feel like when I read you I imagine that it's probably how you would sound if I was talking to you in person.
    Love the cookie monster graphic, perfect.

  5. hahahaha... So can I leave a crass comment on your blog now?

    Because I DID find you in a blog hop (aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop) but I won't leave a link to mine. Love your opinions - brutally honest and brutally funny. So you lose a couple "followers" who gives a crap??

    Wish I had your confidence! Have a great weeekend (you know, don't get a flat tire or find your wife in bed with another dude. That would NOT be a great weekend)

  6. Every time I read your blog I laugh out loud. Your humor is the same kind of sarcastic humor I was raised with, and, unfortunately for the rest of the world, am teaching my children. It's possible you may be a long lost relative.

    I don't particularly like those comments either, I think we all get a lot of them when we participate in the hops. I found your blog through a hop, but I have no idea which one it was. Hah.


  7. I enjoy publicly eviscerating those types of comments, and no, they don't get me to hop on over to their crappy blogs.

    If a person can't market themselves without looking like a douche, then they probably can't blog without looking like a douche as well.

    Oh- hey? Interesting blog!! Yay!! <---douche comment.

  8. In retrospect (which is, of course, never flawed), I may only have 29 followers BECAUSE I eviscerate douche bags.

  9. There has been a lot of discussion amoungst Aussie Mum bloggers about these follow back comments. I hate them.

    I tend to ignore them and often, even delete them.

    I never leave these comments and I only comment on the posts of blogs I follow when I genuinely am amused, outraged, horrified, agreeing with or feel the need to point out something that might be useful or helpful.

    Love your work Joe. Pretty much makes my day when I see a post from you in my feed.

    Sam-O ;)

  10. Well it is apparent that you use blog hops because everyone that has commented here found you via one of the blog hops....And I know no matter how cranky you might be that you knew when you wrote this that it would end up in getting you comments thereby lowering your Alexa numbers! You may not like it but those of us that might leave such comments might be working very hard to lower our Alexa comments also and it is entirely possible that some of us might just hop to over 200 sites a weekend, sometimes as much in one day. Hopping is a reciprocal thing! The idea is to get comments, It is not important what the comments say, what is important is that you are getting comments! All of this which you already know and as such is evident by the post to anyone with any brain. If you don't want to hop to a mommy blog, don't join a mommy hop! Just like if you don't want to hop to Photography blogs, one shouldn't join a picture hop! I really don't care if someone that is so shallow as to take the time to cut down those that are helping him/her by taking the time to leave ANY comment follows me back or not, that is not someone I would care to have even for a distant aquaintance via the internet! So no, I will not leave you a link to any of my blog or facebook or twitter sites! You sir, have NO class and even grumpy old men have at least a small amount of class, in fact most of the grumpy old men I have known in my 52 years have more class in their little finger than you have in one keystroke! You are right you will lose readers, and I am one!

  11. OK, I admit it - I did follow you on a blog hop, however, the mere name of your blog got my attention. I not only read the linked post but went back and read a number of your prior posts (and read some out loud to my own resident curmudgeon). We both enjoyed them and we will be back. I pop around and read quite a few posts through hops but I really do only leave a comment on posts I have read and have an opinion about. My blog is not sponsored and I don't get compensated for any review I might do.(I do very, very few.) I don't push coupons and only rarely point readers toward my own business - mostly I just want to speak out on one topic or another. I've never been super concerned about the numbers and I guess that's obvious with my slow growth in that area. I can say, though, I have had many of the same readers for several years now and many also email me with comments they prefer not to post. I was gratified to find many contacted me off-blog, so to speak, to simply check on me when I missed quite a bit of time this summer due to health and family issues. THEY are the followers I write for. Keep it up, Old Man - We want to read more from you.

  12. I am too scared to speak after the last comment.

  13. Would someone please tell me what is an Alexa nbr and its signifacance.

    The Classless Cranky Old Man

  14. Sorry Joe - no clue what the Alexa numbers are or whether we should be bothered about them.

    Looks like you are the victim of one of those negative commenter's I was talking about the other week, but then the name says it all really doesn't it and lets hope that she (it must be a woman)doesn't do as her name suggests and give herself a coronary.

    The rest of us still love you - and by the way, I don't think I did find you through a blog hop - I don't know how I did find you, but I am so glad I did.

    Lou :-)

  15. Thx Lou!

    The Alexa nbr is apparently some method of determining the ad-worthyness of a site. It is not of much interest to me as I did not start this blog to run profitable ads. Coranaryrn is probably a nice person, apparently I hit a nerve with her. I was just making a point that I do not understand the follower thing. There is a big differance between followers and readers. I am only interested in readers, and I read the blogs that I follow.

  16. I can grow quite fond of offensive people; especially as I despise those same generic comments...maybe it's like on facebook; I mean, who has over 500 "friends"? Anyway I found this not "interesting" but truthful a raw way I like. From one writer to another.

  17. I found your blog by way of the Glowless Friday Flog, but I only followed you because I found your entire blog to be hilarious! That, and, your style of writing makes me think of my Dad and what he would write if he had a blog...or even knew what a blog was.
    I leave comments if I want to, and will follow a blog if I find it genuinely interesting. I have no expectations of people following me or not.
    Like you, and plenty of other people, I prefer to have readers follow my blog - not sheep.

  18. I found via blog hops, but generally content based ones (FYBF and Crowning Moments) - I do a few reviews/giveaways but I don't expect them to appeal to everyone and why I limit them.
    Sometimes I really enjoy a post but have nothing to add but a "great post, came via FYBF" etc, but I don't think I have EVER asked someone to follow me back - I may say "you've got yourself a new follower" because I like to let people know that their post struck a cord with me enough to want to read their stuff again if I ever get time, but once again, have never said: "check me out".
    Please tell me I'm not an annoying commenter! Validate me and my comments, Joe!

  19. I found your blog while surfing mindlessly. (You know those lazy afternoons with nothing to do and the TV holds no interest whatsoever!) I haven't read every single post, but I've enjoyed all the ones I've read so far!
    Yes, you're cranky :-) (and you've earned the right to be!), but maybe the world does need someone who says the things we're all thinking but are too politically correct to say!
    Keep writing. Your blog is very entertaining!

  20. This blog was definatly not aimed at you Daisey!

    Thx for following and for posting


  21. Haha! Thanks Joe! I read my comment and it was a bit whiny! How do you feel about whiny comments? Now, check me out at *****@****

  22. I found you through some of the other blogs you and I both comment on. Your blog title clinched it for me as did the humor!

    I gotta say I LOVE your style Cranky!

    I see now you are following mine as well. Glad to have you and I have no idea WTF a blog hop is, so I doubt I will get any of those type posts.

  23. Very interesting post! I love your blog! New foll....

    No, I couldn't help myself.
    Yes, I am that easily amused. Which is quite possibly why this is by far the best post I have read yet this week. That may also be due to the fact that today is the first day I've read any blogs in a while. Pish Posh.

    I do really enjoy your blog (even if I had forgotten about it and am catching up at the moment..).. I've gone as far as un-following people I thought had interesting blogs solely because they had sucky comments.

    Generic comments hurt my soul. And faith in humankind.

    Have a great day. Don't go getting flat tires and shit. :)

  24. Hey Joe...(Channeling Jimmi Hendrix).. I'm sure you've never heard THAT one before.

    Anyhow, came back to read this from your "challenge" post, so see the nasty comment :-) Good way to get us back here!

    I was just thinking, while I was reading all the comments (which I never did see since I left the very first comment)that this is another way to find good blogs. The people who consistently read a blog I like, probably have good blogs too. Like enjoys like, right? And Title is so important. Your title got me to come read your blog, and I see some cool titles in your comment section too. Just thinking in my head again! :-)

  25. Dear Mr. Cranky
    We love you just the way you are don't ever go changing. I love reading your posts because tey crack me the F up your hilarious! Thank you for taking up the challenge you did not have to but I appreciate that you did it. It also will give all the peeps out there a change to read all of your fab posts.

  26. I think you've got loads of class, Joeh and probably high (or low, what's best?) Alexa numbers... whatever they are. Aren't people funny! Just so bloody funny!

    I hate those silly comments too. It's another side to blogging that people don't talk about that much. I always just delete them... can't help myself. I know that's probably disrespectful on some level as someone at least took the time to write something, but I don't really care.

    Keep hopping, Joeh. A blog like yours needs a few hops to find some people as you are unlucky enough to not be a 'mummy blogger' with a little stereotype kinda blog all ready to go. I think you do beautifully. x

  27. LOL!

    now follow me @...oh, you already are! lol :)

    joe, i really love this post, and i couldn't agree more. i don't write for alexa numbers (bless her heart, lol); i write to relate and to vent...whoever reads, reads...but i definitely don't want to write 1,500 words and get an "lol follow me" or "hilarious" or "wow" response. it definitely does not adequately express the full reaction to what i wrote, and since i know most of my posts are a bit on the long side and filled with everything from laughs to mean faces, "lol" and "funny" just don't cut it.

    keep it up--you already know i read everyday, lol :)