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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Stupid Headlines 042521


Stupid Headlines 042521

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sometimes sophomoric comments

U.S. House of Representatives approves cannabis banking bill – Why would someone want to put their pot in a bank?

Burger King drive-thru workers trick drunk driver into waiting for police – Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, the driver’s so drunk we’re just fed up, take him a-way from Burger King. 

Taco Bell testing vegan meat alternative – Vegan meat? Is that anything like jumbo shrimp?

Creature lurking in tree terrorizing Poland town turns out to be a croissant stuck in a tree – It took three people to remove it, one to hold the croissant, two to chop down the tree.

Trained dogs can smell coronavirus in your pee – So no swab, just pee on a pup?

Short sleep contributes to greater dementia risk, study suggests – Or dementia keeps you awake…one of those…the study isn’t sure.  How helpful is that?

Italian hospital employee accused of skipping work for 15 years, getting paid full salary – Ah yeah, I’ve got a sore throat and a slight fever, so I’m going to have to call in sick for, oh…about 15 years!

Man hurls rabid bobcat after it attacks him and his wife – Wife was fortunate her husband was a former Olympic Bobcat Hurler.

Oklahoma passes a law that can protect drivers who run over protesters – Well that should cut down on protests.

Caitlyn Jenner announces run for governor of California – If you were to tell me years ago, someone would run for Governor of California, that was once an Olympic gold medal winner, I’d have said you’re crazy!


Feel-good Story of the Week

I love this one!

 Shaquille O’Neil Hall of Fame Basketball player

Shaq was out shopping when he saw a man buying an engagement ring – then he bought it for him - This man is special, an extra successful athlete, businessman and personality…he is also a really nice person.

Shaq said the man buying the ring was a "young kid, a hardworking guy"

and the ring was on layaway. "I said, 'You know what, tell your girlfriend I got it.

Take care of her.' And at first, he didn't want to take it,"

Shaq said. He told the man not to worry, he does it all the time.
















  1. That was a very lovely thing for Shaq to do :)

  2. We have "vegan meat" over here too. Vegan sausages, vegan burgers, vegan bacon and vegan minced "meat". Meat eaters invented these shapes first. Vegetarians should invent their own shapes like square burgers and cubic sausages.

    God bless.

  3. When you see those print headlines it makes you wonder how many people saw them and thought they were fine. Nothing like the fear of dementia to keep you up at night. That is a self fulfilling prophecy.

  4. I liked the feel good story with Shaq. Very thoughtful man he is to try to do a good thing daily.

    Bruce Jenner might just make a good governor. Certainly better than who is running the state presently!


  5. Shaq is one of the most precious people. He is very generous and kind hearted, he was raised that way.

    Thanks for the grins, and the smile.

  6. The feel good story brought tears to my eyes and again proves there are still really good people in this crazy world,,go Shaq! 15yrs and full salary? I feel so stupid. I worked at my hospital for 41 years and don't think I took more than 15 days off! Well, I think Olympic Gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner will have the running part for Governor's the winning that might prove tough.

  7. Now I've got that Burger King jingle stuck in my head. As for Taco Bell, the Home Ec teacher informed us at the teacher lunch table that Taco Bell uses WORM PROTEIN in their "meat." Probably shared that to get even with us for calling her the Home Ec teacher, rather than the FACS (Family And Consumer Sciences) teacher.