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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Stupid Headlines 041121


Stupid Headlines 041121

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sometimes sophomoric comments.



Biden leans close to tell someone to socially distance – Classic do as I say, not as I do!


Friend of Pakistani immigrant Uber Eats driver killed in DC: 'All lives are precious' – I don’t ordinarily post and comment on stories like this, but sometimes a headline really demands punctuation.


Miami homeowner gets sister, companion evicted from front porch after they squatted for 2 years – I’m surprised they could move at all; I need help to get up after squatting only a few minutes.


Katy Perry reveals she's stopped shaving her legs since becoming a mom – I guess that is one form of birth control.


Japan just recorded its earliest cherry blossom bloom in 1,200 years – I’m pretty sure there was an earlier bloom April 1247.


Rare Super Mario Bros. game sells for a record $660,000 – Wait until this donkey tries to find a Nintendo platform that can still play the damn game.


Unseen Vincent van Gogh painting of Paris sells for $15.4M – Hell, for that money you could buy 23 Super Mario Bros. games!


New York lowers bear and deer hunting age to 12 – I am surprised that deer or bear live that long.


Massachusetts home where Lizzie Borden's parents were killed finds buyer – The buyer put down four-hundred thousand forty- four and on closing paid four-hundred thousand more.


A Michigan university is offering college students a scholarship to study cannabis – Good luck weeding out the weed candidates;  or they could just survey 93% of their student body.





Teen on spring break trip rescues toddler from drowning – The thirteen-year-old girl on vacation with her family saved a tragedy.








  1. I have never shaved my legs!!! But trim my beard every now and then.

    God bless.

  2. Wait. . . if the Van Gogh painting is unseen, how do they know it's a painting of Paris?

  3. Wow! I want to be like Katy Perry. Don't think Jim would be happy though.

  4. Me too, that sister in Miami must really be limber. That tickled me.

  5. Heh,heh! I like the 2-year squatters, and the Lizzie Borden home-buyer paying more when he saw what he had done.

  6. Thanks for these...they are one of the high points of my week! Ok, yeah, that's sad :D

  7. We had an anesthesiologist who would always tell patients to take a deep breath when they were waking up. Then he would say in a funny accent: "You must breathe or you die!" It was much funnier if you were there I guess! Sometimes he would yell to take a deep breath but it would sound like he was saying something about big breasts..but that's another story.

  8. Love your takes on these headlines. I remember hearing on the news once an interviewer asking and old lady on her 100th birthday, "What is the secret to a long life?" She replied: "keep breathing"