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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Oops Wrong Name


Oops Wrong Name


OK, I’m stealing another story.  Seems like I’ve run out of my own.  This one is from fraternity brother Wally, not his real name, but Wally, due to his uncanny resemblance to Wally Cox (GIYP), and his same unassuming dry sense of humor and demeanor.

First a little ground work.

There was a young lady that dated several members of our fraternity house.  She was attractive and nice and she was friendly.  She developed a reputation for being very friendly.  Before your mind starts running, I have no idea how friendly.  In those days friendly did not always mean what it might mean today.  It sometimes just meant not unfriendly.  Anyway, enough of my kerfrumphing around an issue, this young lady was friendly. 

So friendly that her nick name around the Frat was ‘Sandy Free-and-Easy.’ 

Yes, college Frat boys were pigs.

Once again this was in the 60’s.  Easy did not necessarily mean what it means today.  Still, she dated more than a few of the brothers and for whatever reason she was known as ‘Sandy Free-and-Easy.’  She ended up marrying one of the brothers, though apparently that did not end well.


Into the picture comes Wally.  Wally was not aware of Sandy’s reputation, but he did know that her name was Sandy Free-and-Easy.  I don’t think that many people knew Sandy’s real last name.  Wally thought that Sandy’s real name was Free-and-Easy.  Only he assumed she was Italian and that her last name was Frieneze.

One college party weekend Wally entered the Frat house with his date, who years later became Mrs. Wally, and they ran into Sandy and her date, who years later became Mr. Free-and-Easy.

And so a classic introduction told only as Wally could tell it.


“I Ran into Ralph and Sandy as I came into the house.  I said,

‘Ralph this is my date Donna and Donna, this is Ralph’s date Sandy Frieneze’. 

I took a sharp kick to my shin along with a glare from Ralph. ‘What?’ I asked.

‘Sandy’s name is Walters!’

‘But I always heard Frieneze.’  This followed by another kick to the shin. 

‘No, her name is Walters!’ 

Sandy then asked, ‘Where did you get the idea my name was Frieneze?’

Between two shin kicks and a glare it struck me that Sandy was not Italian and that perhaps she was in fact free and easy.  

‘Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I confused you with Sally Frieneze who Ralph once dated last year.’

Fortunately, Sandy though a very nice girl may not have been Dean’s list material.

‘No, that is not me, do I even look Italian?’

I avoided Ralph and Sandy for the rest of the semester."

Well, that’s my stolen story, a fraternity reunion classic.  You may not think it is that funny; but it is a riot when told by a Mr. Peepers doppelganger.