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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Some Stuff is just no Fun to Buy


Some Stuff is just no Fun to Buy


A few years ago we purchased a new fridge/freezer.  Some things are just no fun to buy. 

A new car is fun.  Everyone on the block used to drop by when you got a new car…no more, but you can still show them off and that new car smell alone makes them a big deal and fun to buy.  A new large screen TV is fun to buy and enjoyable every time you turn it on.

A new fridge…yawn.

We moved the old fridge to the garage.  The extra fridge was the best part of getting a new fridge, but still it was not an exciting purchase.

Last week we replaced the old garage fridge with a new garage fridge.  The old one was clunky, I did not like how we had to store frozen goods, they were hard to get to.  The seal was crappy and we had a frost problem and it probably was not too efficient.  So, we are happy with the new one, it does improve our life a bit, but still…yawn.

I don’t like to spend money.  I am tight as a drum.  If not for Mrs. C we would seldom go out to eat, take vacations or replace old crap.  I like bang for my buck, something that will keep giving, stuff that is just fun.  A new bowling ball, new golf clubs, you know, fun stuff.

When I spend money, I prefer it to be on something I will use time and time again and always look forward to using it.

Mrs. C said I could get something fun for my 75th birthday.

You know, like this!

 Fun stuff!

Because you can never have too many guitars!


  1. I predict that you and he (?) will make beautiful music together. Or at least FUN music. I don't know anything about guitars, but even if you just use it as a wall decoration, that was a good purchase. It's quite breathtaking...

  2. It's a lovely guitar, but I'd rather have a new fridge.

  3. Married to a musician, I disagree. You can have too many guitars :) Especially if you move a lot and you are very peculiar in how those guitars are going to get to your new home and always making sure the temperature is right in the room where said guitars are stored as well as humidity level etc.

    Very nice guitar!! Enjoy playing it!


  4. I love new appliances. But, a new lawnmower or snow blower gets a yawn from me,

  5. Nothing brings as much joy as a new car. Everyone you know is envious. That last pictures though does kind of speak to "too many guitars:)"

  6. You sound just like my husband. He's got several things he can't get to many of. Glad to know we're not alone.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  7. Fun is good. Enjoy fun. I like edible fun; like KFC and pizza and such stuff. Painting the garden gate and fence are not fun. Do not do that. Unless you think it is fun. Then you can paint mine too.

    God bless.