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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

My Wife Just Knows Stuff


My Wife Just Knows Stuff

 My wife does not like to waste words.  When I ask a question she often responds,

“You should know!”

She will say this even if it only requires a yes or no answer.  It annoys her, because

“I should know.”

The thing is, she, and perhaps all those who share the same chromosome configuration, has such a strong intuition/perception ability that she does not realize that “I should know” only would apply if in fact I had that same intuition/perception capability.

I clap my hands with cupped palms; I do not have that capability.

Allow me this recent example of her uncanny perception superpower.

The other night after dinner Mrs. C was enjoying a desert pudding dish.  This was the night before she was to get her first vaccine shot at 9:00 AM. 

Readers of this blog may know that Mrs. C does not scoop her pudding.  She dips her spoon in the pudding and eats whatever pudding sticks to the spoon. 

She claims this technique is her way of stretching out a pudding high euphoria.

I only note that it takes forever for her to finish her pudding.  I do from time to time tease her over this.

Anyway, while she was enjoying her pudding I casually asked her,

“What time is your vaccine appointment tomorrow?” 

This question was a set up for telling her she might be late because she takes so long to eat her pudding.

Within a nanosecond of my asking the question she responded,

“I hate you!”


“You should know!”

“What do you mean?”

“I know damn well you were about to make fun of me for the time I take eating pudding…you were going to say I would be late for my appointment tomorrow!”

“You don’t know that.”

“Yes. Yes I do!”

Now I know why my wife thinks “I should know.” I should know, because in Mrs. C’s head every thing is so clear and obvious.  She ascertains information by inflection, facial expression, body language and experience. 

No words are needed.

I was about to respond that I hate her as well, when she interrupted,

“I know; you hate me too!”

“Yes, sometimes I do.”

Not really.




  1. Well her saying you should know is far better than if you don't know I'm going tell you.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  2. I admire her self control for eating her pudding that way. That is something you should know.


  3. Um, yeah, stop being predictable. I have one of them things at home. You know, a wife? Learned long ago to not be predictable. Any given funny thangy is only fun or funny the first half dozen times, after that it's time to come up with new material or find a new audience. Doesn't seem like you're ready or interested in a new audience so ..... ;-)

  4. Ha ha, yes she does know stuff and can really read you. Beware.

  5. You two sound like you're on the same page.

  6. Nothin' better than a happy marriage.

  7. Not to downplay the all-knowingness of Mrs C, but you guys are not all that hard to figure out.

  8. Heeheehee! No matter what, you two are great.

  9. How wonderful that she thinks you know everything.

  10. So funny. My wife is similar. She claims to know my thoughts or opinions about everything without me voicing it. She will say, "I know you didn't like that" or I know you don't want to do that" when I haven't even formed an opinion. If I say the opposite of what she thinks, there is no changing her mind about my true thoughts. She is convince she knows me better than I do. I have to admit she is right some time!

  11. i would agree with her that you should know

    i don't know since when but i too can sense bits of thoughts people around me ,may women have more time to think or habit to think more ,or may there are some men either with same ability and women with less level of sensitivity
    whatever i love these stories of both of you and i know you guys love each other a lot