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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

You Have to be Carefully Taught


You Have to be Carefully Taught

 There is so much that at my age I do not understand.  I try to keep up, I try and be educated.  I read the news from multiple sources, I ask questions, I Google for answers.

There are some subjects that are too complicated for me to understand without personal instruction.  On some issues I think I need a structured, specialist teacher environment to have any chance to become enlightened. 

I fear it may take several semesters.

I took two semesters of “Calculus for Arts Majors” in college…not the same Calculus as taught to the engineers…well it was the same calculus; we just didn’t need to learn it well enough to actually use it.  Afterall, economist majors will never have to build a bridge.  Probably a bad example, not sure calculus is needed to build a bridge.

Anyway, I passed with a low “D”.  Is that something to be proud of?  It is if you manage to pass a subject without ever actually knowing what the subject is.  Learning just what you need to know in order to pass a subject is sometimes enough.

I would love to learn how to get by in todays world.  Not to actually understand, not sure that is possible, but just to learn why somethings are wrong to say and or think.  Learn to get by without really knowing why what is proper is…well…proper.

I have figured out somethings on my own.  There are words best unsaid.  Thoughts best unthought.  Opinions best un-opined.

Somethings need more intense explaining so I can get by even without understanding. 

I have done a lot of personal research on why Dr. Seuss is offensive. 

His were the first “picture books” I read on my own.  His were the books my children wanted read to them over and over again.  They never offended me.  Apparently, they should have.  I need special instruction to understand.  Maybe even multiple semesters in “Why Dr. Seuss is racist.”

I think I could pass such a course.

Then, I still have no idea what calculus is.



  1. I sense a new business opportunity here. Care to join me?

    We could set up a website that people join for a fee. We then tell them the latest thing that is fashionable to be offended about. One day it is fashionable to be offended about one thing, the next day the fashion has changed and people should be offended about something else. Think about it. We could encourage our members to be offended about the latest trend. We could prepare a list of the 10 most popular offendable topics. The possibilities are endless.

    God bless.

  2. I had only heard of one of the books in question, but the descriptions do sound racist. I hope the rest of his books aren’t banned as well. I’m waiting for Charlie Brown’s Christmas to be banned for being too religious.

  3. Haven't read any of his books--how did I get to be 80 and manage that? Anyway, I will check them out to see what is happening.

  4. Somehow I never developed the idea that Dr Seuss is a racist, or that his books are. And I never will. The whole idea is "uneducated" ~ ha, see what I did there? :-D

  5. I don't know which book it is. I guess I need more education too. I think I'm over it.

  6. Dr. Seuss is and will remain a favorite, and i do not care what others think.

  7. This is the second blog I've read today that mentions Dr Seuss. it's those "Professional Offendees" at work again, finding new things to be offended about. My grandkids loved Dr Seuss and reading his books certainly hasn't done any of them any harm. They are all well-adjusted adults now.

  8. I remember when book-banning used to upset people. Now it seems like they clamor for it!

  9. There are six Seuss books which have been 'banned'. I own five of them. To be sure, the pictures in question are pretty cringe-worthy by today's standards - Thick-lipped Africans with bones in their noses, Asians with uber-slanted eyes and buck teeth, and such-like. But they are also what I consider to be Dr. Seuss' best books, fostering imagination and creativity, and helping young readers to 'think outside the box'. So, you take the bad with the good. . .

    The thing is, the 'cancel-istas' seem not to realize the weakness and futility of their approach, nor do they seem to realize that previous attempts at book-burning have only served to increase curiosity and demand for the 'banned' books.

    I told my kids that I'm going to store my copies of the 'banned' books in a glass case filled with nitrogen, so they can get rich selling them on the black market after I'm dead. . .

  10. My grandkids have complete sets of Dr. Seuss. They may have to sell them for their college funds. - The world is nuts. Leave stuff alone. It's not hurting anyone, even Aunt Jemima's family wanted to know what the heck they were removing her for. Our past is our past and no matter how many books you ban or statues you remove or people you take off of labels, our history will remain.

  11. my eldest son says often everything works by math and he says so when i would say that i don't like math who the heck invented it and why lol

    now i gradually developed likening for the subject and i think i will give it try to learn bit of it when times will free for me hopefully