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Friday, March 5, 2021

Vaccination Observation


Vaccination Observation


I received my first Covid shot yesterday.  I had been on the waiting list in New Jersey for almost two months.  I was actually on several lists.  It seems that the supply is starting to catch up to the demand.  They will be opening vaccinations to many more candidates in the coming weeks, including teachers.

Not sure why teachers were not first on the list given the outcry and the importance of getting children back in the classroom.   I think if they had it to do over again teachers would be higher on the list.  

Projects like mass vaccinations are not simple; mistakes are made, mistakes slowly corrected.  

Overall my experience with the State has been positive.  There was a time where I wondered if the list was not a myth, but given the short time to establish a new complicated system it has been done pretty well.

Making an appointment after I was advised that slots were opened was a bit nerve wracking.  Fortunately, I had Mrs. C for help.  They asked a dozen questions that could have been asked on the initial sign up.  That was not so difficult except slots tend to get grabbed quickly and I was worried I would have to keep filling out information only to find I just missed an appointment opening. 

Did not happen.

One thing they asked was for my SS#.

“Why do they need that?  They have my birth date, my address, if I give them my SS# I may get the shot and lose my bank account!”


“It’s mandatory!”

“Just give them a number that is close. How will they know?”

“They also want the phone number of my insurance.  I have Medicare I don’t know the number and the number to my supplementary insurance is downstairs.  I’ll lose my slot by the time I get it!”

“Just tell them it is 732-555-5555.”

That Mrs. C; she is a rebel.  (can I say rebel?)

Anyway, I got the time slot and got the shot.  There was a long line and it moved fast.  Everything was professional. My shot was at one of Jersey’s 6 Mega Centers. 

I noticed one thing that was unusual and concerning.  There were hundreds of people waiting for the shot.  I did not see a single non-white person.  This area of Jersey is a smorgasbord of ethnicities and colors.  I only saw white.  It reminded me of a John Denver Concert I attended years ago.  I have no idea how this happens, there are no questions of race on the sign up list.

I had no reaction from the shot other than fatigue.  I came home and slept on and off all day.  I hear that the second shot can be a bear.

Actually, there was one other Covid shot symptom.

Before and during dinner we watch game shows, “Chain Reaction,” “Jeopardy,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “America Says” and others.  Some of these shows I am pretty good at.  I even sometimes run a category in Jeopardy.  Tonight, I did not get a single question, single word connection or single puzzle correct.

Later I received a test message from the vaccine people asking if I had any reactions to the shot.

“Clearly the shot made me tired all day, but that’s about it.”

“Actually there is one more thing; I think the shot made you stupid.”

Leave it to Mrs. C





  1. My mom is still waiting. Our state’s distribution has been disappointing. I know 20 something grocery workers and every school employee I know has been vaxxed, but plenty of 80 YO like my mom are still on a drug store list with no updates. It seems like if you can sign up through your employer, there’s no issue.

    Glad you got your first dose!

  2. I got my shots at a pharmacy and although everything was fine when getting them, I concluded that doing 15 to 20 vaccine shots a day at a small number of stores was not going to cut it. Those large mega centers where thousands can get vaccinated in a day is the only way to get the majority protected this year. I agree with you about getting teachers and school staff the shots. It should have been thought of sooner.

    The second shot was harder than the first. A survey of my friends (7 couples) showed none of the men got any ill effects from it, but all of the women did. I thought it was just us but then found out on line that this was true. It said it might have to do with hormones, but at our age, I didn’t think we had any of those left. I was sick that night with headaches and overall not feeling well, and for the next week I was very fatigued and had no energy. It was not the worst thing and now I feel fine and am ready to go out and meet the world again.

  3. It said in the news in the UK they have vaccinated 40% of adults and they are on schedule to complete the program.

    God bless.

  4. Enjoyed your articles as I just had the shot and in the waiting room! Yeh!

  5. I agree about school teachers. They should be first in line. Everyone wants kids in school then protect the person at the blackboard. Just saying.
    So glad you have been shot and cracked up at Mrs. C saying just give them a SS number that is close. She is priceless.

  6. We will be getting our second shot next week. My aunt exercised her arm and took Tylenol beforehand. I plan to do the same. Some have a big reaction and feel sick but most people including my aunt and her husband had no problem and they are in their eighties.
    Now I got a reason for all those mental slips I have on occasion. It was the Covid shot.

  7. Good for you! At the rate we are going, i doubt i will even be a candidate any time soon, even with all of my pre-existing conditions and age.

  8. That is surprising about the all-white line-up, but the John Denver concert is more easily explained. His music (which I like) just doesn't appeal to a wide range of people. Well, out here anyway, there's me and my first ex and a less-than-a-handful of people who only liked Country Roads (take me home) and that's about it. I don't know anyone else who liked his music.

  9. P.S. what's the deal about not giving your SS number? They probably need to cross check all the info to make sure the right person gets ticked off as having had the shot. Maybe somewhere in the near future, someone will rock up with that fake number you gave and be told he can't have the vaccination because his number is crossed off as already having received it.

  10. Glad you got your shot. Hope you don't need that SS# to get the second one! Wish I could make a wager and compete against you in a game of Jeopardy while you're still under the vaccine influence...

  11. Reactions to the second Moderna shot seem to be as varied as the people who get it.

  12. I'm still waiting and I watch those same game shows. It's relaxing in a competitive sort of way. :)