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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A Big Storm


A Big Storm

When we have a big snow storm in these parts of the North East, the weather geeks are in their glory. 

“A big snow storm is coming, everyone should hunker down, do not venture outside unless it is absolutely necessary, fill your bathtubs, buy all the toilet paper, milk, and bread you can.  This is a life-threatening storm!”

When the storm hits there is no shortage of reporters standing against the wind and the snow, measuring the depth, pointing out stuck cars and warning everyone to stay at home.  Apparently, their job is absolutely necessary.

When the storm finally begins to recede, we are warned that it has not stopped yet, some roads in local streets are still unplowed, and it is still not safe to leave your home. 

When the snow stops and the sun comes out, we are warned of the danger of melting snow that freezes at night when the temperature drops. 

“Watch your step, it is dangerous out there, and drivers need to be warned about black ice!”

Finally, the sun is out all day, night temperatures are above freezing and the new danger is,

“Melting snow is causing dangerous floods, do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary.  Further, there is a danger of icicles breaking off of buildings creating a danger to pedestrians!”

All during the storm the news brings us examples of the storm’s destruction.  There is always at least one tree that falls through a house, a car stuck in the middle of a flooded street, a baby born in a car stuck in traffic.

In the media, fear sells.  Good news is bad news.  Bad news is magnified, and when bad news goes away there is always a “but”, always a danger, always a not-so-fast warning.

In our current pandemic storm, numbers are falling, vaccine supplies are rising, warm weather is coming, things might just be improving, the light at the end of the tunnel may be in sight. 

Not so fast!

New virus mutations are discovered every day.  They may be more virulent, they may be more deadly, they may be resistant to the vaccines, there may not be enough people willing to take the vaccine to reach herd immunity and no one knows how long vaccines will provide protection.  A new pandemic may be developing soon.

When a big snow storm is coming the media gets excited and spreads fear.  When it hits, they make sure to only show destruction, when the storm goes away, we are told of after-the-storm related consequences, and there is always a claim that a new storm might be forming and on the way.

Eventually summer arrives and news shifts to dangers of rip tides, sunburn, skin cancer, and insect-spreading disease. 

“Be careful driving into the sun, grab those shades, lather up with sunscreen and wear light loose fitting clothes.  The ocean is full of sharks, air pollution is high, pollen is at record levels and hurricane season is upon us.  Be careful…better yet, stay at home and stay tuned.  We’ll tell you when it is safe to go outside!”   



  1. Now you see why I kicked the lame stream media, social media, politicians and Hollyweird to the curb. They are all preaching the same set of lies. I refuse to listen. My blood pressure is perfect and I'm not angry or in fear one bit.

    Have a fabulous day, Cranky. My best to Mrs. Cranky. ☺

  2. Exactly!!! They can find something negative about anything.

  3. I hadn't seen the humor in these situations until I read your post. Thanks!

  4. Indeed they should warn people of all these dangers. And let me tell you more. In winter, people with little tread and grooves in the soles of their shoes are liable to fall and slip causing not only injuries to themselves but to those walking behind them too who may trip and fall over them causing an avalanche of bodies falling on each other. I think the authorities should stop and check pedestrians' shoes and if they have no tread in their soles they should fine them, or get them to take their shoes off.

    In summer things are worse. In very hot weather the asphalt or tarmac on the road tends to melt and pedestrians get stuck when out walking. When this happens, other pedestrians following tend to bump and crash in the pedestrian in front who has suddenly stopped without warning. This often results in big pile-ups in the street with a lot of people stuck into each other as well as on the asphalt melting under their feet. One solution to avoid this problem, (as well as the ice problem in winter), is to spread grit or sand on the roads and side walks. Unfortunately this confuses all the cats who think they now have to do their business in the street.

    God bless.

  5. Sir, check out my comment

  6. We have a weatherman in Philly named Hurricane Swartz. He is a man who lives for doom. He gets all excited and happy telling us that the worst is coming, and down the road,there will be double worst.

    I am very thankful that I have Disney + and can live in Fantasy World for a few hours.

  7. I bet they hate it when those big storms don't deliver. I used to shake my head when little old ladies would come into the operating room with a broken hip because they chose the worst day of the week to go get the mail. That was until I slipped one morning on the only patch of black ice while dropping the trash at the curb at my hubby's office when he was in the hospital. I sat on the pavement at 7am more worried that a coworker from the hospital would see me instead of having a broken anything! It's a dangerous world out there! Stay safe friend!

  8. When I was producing television news shows the first question to the photographers back from a story was "Have you got flames?" A positive response would elevate their story to the top of the newscast. Or, "If it bleeds, it leads." Now that I'm long gone from the business I can carp at the t.v. news shows. One of my big gripes is the reporter doing a "live shot" in front of some location where a news story happened hours before and where there is no reason for them being there other than to say "I'm LIVE at (the location) where just 15 hours ago (the news story) happened." I love getting old and cranky. Don't you?

  9. Aww Joeh, don't you really believe they only love us and care about our safety?? Hum--guess not:)

  10. Do you never hear any GOOD news? I'd be turning it off.

  11. I’m a lot happier since I stopped watching TV.

  12. I was really expecting more from those murder hornets. I'm shocked that nobody got one stuck in their mask, while waiting for rescue, clinging to a tree in rising floodwaters.

  13. what a powerful and amazingly done post dear Joe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    each word is true and only true ,yes this is why we are not watching news since months and it was advised by our eldest son .media plays devil's roll and spread unrest and anxiety among people .i never heard something in news that is positive and pleasant for people or rise hopes in them but only make them suspicious and worried unfortunately ,to create drama and to rise in rank media has fell quite down indeed .i request to pick news from net by your own choice and skip the bull shit ,adjust your curiosity in healthier ways dear Joe :)

  14. There will always be danger, after all, the statistics are grim. One out of one, dies. Eventually. Of something. Meanwhile they want to make money while scaring you to death.

    In fact, some people here are worrying that we no longer take the hurricane warnings as seriously as we used to because they've been so overblown.

  15. I felt the same anxiety reading your post as watching this info on tv. You are spot on.