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Saturday, March 13, 2021




I just read that white people should not use memes of any black person.  It is called digital blackface.  As someone who only recently learned what a meme was and is a little unsure of “digital” (fingers?...probably not) that is good to know.

I will no longer post a meme involving  a black person.  I will also no longer draw cartoons of Mohammed (which pretty much eliminates any cartoon of about 43% of the muslin world who are named Mohammed.) I will not defend anyone who once took a picture at a Southern Plantation Party.  I will not use the “N” word, the “F” word, the other “F” word or the “K” word, the “Q” word or the “A” word.  As a matter of fact I will stop using any word that starts with a letter in the alphabet…hmmm tried but can’t do it. 

Can I use the “I” word or the “R” word?

What? You don’t know what those words are? I’d tell you, but then I would have to use them.

This culture is getting very complicated.  Growing up we white kids used to imitate the black kids all the time.  Why?  Racist?  I guess, never thought about it.  We used to just think they were really cool.

We used terms like “Yo” and “Hit the right?” and “damn the Hawk is out today.”  We walked with a slight limping gait, though never as cool as the black kids, and we tried to dance with style.  Never thought it was racist, thought we were being cool, because the black kids were cool.  I don’t remember my black friends being offended, maybe they needed to also be enlightened.

So now I wish to apologize for my behavior when I was in high school.  I am truly sorry for all the really cool kids whose culture I appropriated.  I regret that I hurt so many people trying to be as cool as they were.

I am taking time to reflect upon my 14 year-old behavior in hopes of becoming a better more sensitive and caring person.  I want to thank all the true intelligentsia in this country for pointing out my racism where I would have never believed it to exist.  I will walk on eggshells around both of my next door neighbors as I do not want to do or say anything that will offend them.  Gee, I will miss our occasional banter, but better safe than offensive.

I also wish to apologize for any past or future behavior that has yet to be determined to be offensive.  I will strive to do better.

I get it.  I now know the rules.  I am white, I am racist.

I am sorry.



  1. This pretty much sums up the weirdness of the world. Bless their hearts.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  2. Way to say it Joe. You hit the nail on the head. Just r word.

  3. So I'm assuming blacks can't use white people memes. I am capable of being offended if I really put my mind to it. Thank you for explaining the black face thing because I saw something about it but didn't get what they were talking about. This is why wearing a mask and staying 6ft apart from others makes me happy. Now I'm sounding a bit cranky! Sorry! Have a good weekend!

  4. Comment by River deleted in error, thought it was my troll, sorry River did not read your comment or the one by Mike the Dick.

  5. things are getting weirder day by day i agree

    patience ,maturity and respect for all on equal bases must be increased with over deep dives in the ocean of knowledge but seems that we have learnt to swim without being wet dear Joe .
    how foolish that we are raising serious issues regarding skin colors and for forgot that our roots that came from same matter
    if we will keep avoiding our roots and will keep fighting while sitting on branches ,what will make us better than monkeys i wonder

  6. Maybe we need a rule book. Think you started one.

  7. Lol, I would appreciate it if people stopped appropriating my culture and stopped eating fish and chips, sauerkraut, and Irish soda bread. Seriously,I’ve given a lot of thought to these issues. We are losing our Chief Wahoo in the CLE and it’s just sad. I’m guessing Taco Bell will be in trouble next for their ‘Run for the border’ slogan.

  8. Sorry, i am still going to tell Cajun jokes.

  9. You may be safe for a little while. As long as you have a mask on, people can't PROVE that you're the one talking. So you might get away with any new offenses that you don't yet know are offensive.