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Monday, March 22, 2021

Mrs. Cranky's Shopping List


                                             Mrs. Cranky's Shopping List

Back by popular demand is another 

                       Mrs. Cranky's shopping list contest.

Mrs. C writes in a strange combination of shorthand, doctor and hieroglyphics.

Occasionally she will send me shopping with such a list and expect me to collect all the items.  I always have to call her from the supermarket to inquire on an item, even though all her chicken-scratch was explained before sending me off.

I defy anyone to correctly identify all items.  No one has done so in the past, though a few women have come close.

The person who correctly identifies the most items will win a mention and a WHOOP-TE-DOO (suitable for framing) 

Hint...the scribble on the last line is just scribble.

Good luck!

Comments are delayed to prevent cheating.


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  3. Why not send it to a pharmacist to do the shopping for you?

    God bless.

  4. Ok, what’s going on with the previous comments?😂 Here are my guesses:

    Grapefruit, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, wet wipes, Tylenol, canned tomatoes, macaroni and cheese. Then I get lost: soft buns, shredded mozzarella, Nivia’s hand cream, Joe’s toilet paper?

    I think I’ve found a new career!

  5. Oh God. Tylenol, mac & cheese, grapefruit, olive oil, and soft buns maybe?? Good luck joeh.

  6. You know I've never been able to get more than a couple of the things on her list and that's all I got today. Is she a doctor?

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  7. I figured out some of them this time but not all.
    grapefruit, ? , apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise.
    wet wipes, Tylenol, Nivea ?, ? toilet paper.
    canned tomatoes, matches, 20 (?) freezer bags, and shampoo.
    That was the best I could do. I have been known to give my husband a challenge or two with my lists also. Ironically, his handwriting is barely decipherable. Good luck. Ranee (MN)

  8. Aha..... when I got the last line correct, you go and spoil the fun.

  9. Best Guess

    Grape Fruit
    Cayenne Pepper
    Apple Crisps
    Olive oil
    Worchester sauce

    Wet Wipes
    t e s(alt)+p(epper)

    Corn tortilla
    Mac and cheese
    Soft butter

  10. So far, i have grapefruit, cayenne pepper, apple something or other, olive oil, worcestershire sauce, mayo, wet wipes, mac and cheese, soft butter, shredded mozzarella.

    And thanks, i've been hoping you would do one of these soon, it's fun!

  11. Not in any order...grapefruit, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, mayo, cantaloupes, wet wipes, Tylenol, mac 'n cheese, soft buns...thats all I've got!

  12. Comment from RIVER - Grapefruit; Cayenne Pepper; Apple Cider Vinegar; Olive Oil; Mayonnaise; Worcestershire Sauce; Wet Wipes; Tylenol; Can Tomatoes; Matches; Soft Butter and three unknowns.

  13. Comment from VAL - Grapefruit, Canned Effer, Applecide Limb, Olive Oil, Worst Sauce, Mamo, Wet Wipes, Tylenol, Nivia Shine, Toesh, Corn Tumors, Mac and Cheese, Soft Butt, Sand Moz.

    Sorry. I think I'm busy the night you're planning to invite me to dinner...