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Saturday, February 1, 2020

I Tried but it’s Hard to Do!

I Tried but it’s Hard to Do!

I may be a cranky person, but I am not mean.  However, sometimes a person needs a kick in the pants and I’m willing to do it.

My friend Frog recently bought his wife a ukulele.  It was a “Congratulations for getting a new job with a boss who is not an asshole” gift.  From what I’ve heard, the gift was well deserved.

Now, Mrs. Frog does not play any musical instrument, nor has she thought of trying.  I guess if your husband and two sons play the bag pipes, you lose a bit of love for music.  Not to knock the bag pipes.  They are great for weddings and funerals. But they will clear a house of varmints better than a cat, and it is a little-known fact that a piper’s house has never been burglarized.  It can be a scary instrument.

Frog has hopes that the wife will learn the uke.  He is learning and having fun with a tenor guitar, and a couple that strums together…anyway, I think Frog also just wanted to learn the uke as well.

Mrs. Frog likes the uke, “It’s very pretty!” but she is not sure she can learn to play it.

She can strum the strings, and play all the one finger fretted chords, but balked when shown how to play the “G” chord.

“It requires using three fingers!  I tried, but it’s hard!”

This is where Mrs. Frog needs the kick in the pants.


Are you kidding me?

Mrs. Frog has birthed and successfully raised two human beings.  That is hard!  Mrs. Frog graduated from Duke University, one of the top colleges in the country.  That is hard!  Mrs. Frog worked for many years running a TV news room ala Mary Tyler Moore.  That is hard!  Mrs. Frog has worked for administrations of several top universities.  That is hard!  Mrs. Frog is an accomplished fly-fisher.  That ain’t easy! Mrs. Frog has played competitive tennis.  That is hard! Mrs. Frog has put up with a fly-fishing, deer hunting, dog loving, motorcycle riding, grumpier than me husband.  That is hard!

Learning to fret three strings on a ukulele is not that hard!

There is your kick in the pants Mrs. Frog, now go pick up that uke, learn the “G” chord and stop whining! 

Maybe you can also get Mrs. Cranky to start playing the drum set I got for her.


  1. That's the funniest thing I've read today! Thanks for cheering me up!

  2. The gauntlet has been thrown! You can do it, Mrs. Frog.

  3. Thats what I say when I have no interest, but you give a nice motivational speech, Joe!

  4. Your humor knows no bounds, Joe. I'm still laughing and taking it in to read to SWMBO, as she tries to fight off a cold.

  5. It might be hard because she has soft fingers, not yet calloused and used to pressing three strings at once, also if she has arthritis in any of her knuckles as I have. Perhaps she prefers to have someone play for her and serenade her by moonlight. I actually hope she perseveres and learns to play even if only a little. I like bagpipes too.

  6. There you go, kicking pants and giving names! If that motivational speech doesn't amp her up, I'd say she's content to rest on her laurels, after accomplishing all that hard stuff.

  7. With all of Mrs. Frog's accomplishments I say she needs a nice piece of jewelry and not a ukelele.

  8. Mrs Frog sounds the sort of person who can adapt to anything, so watch out - she'll beat you all in no time.

  9. Kind of agree with Bijoux. I've been known to use that excuse also. HOWEVER, that was one impressive pep talk you gave Joe and I'm curious if she might consider running for office?

  10. Everybody has their own hard. That's my story and i'm sticking to it.