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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Thank You

Thank You

“You don’t hate me; you really don’t hate me!”

That is my acceptance speech.  Acceptance of what you ask?

My most recent post “I Said What?” was clearly a gratuitous request, perhaps an unconscious or semi-conscious cry out for acceptance and encouragement.  Shameless perhaps, but then I am nothing if not shameless.

Several people made very nice comments indicating that they enjoy my posts and hope that I continue.  I even received a few nice comments from people I had no idea ever read these posts.  Finally, my daughter, who when she has time in her busy life is a talented and beautiful writer, also gave me encouragement and a thumbs up.  Hell, I didn’t know she even visited this site.


I am not going anywhere.

No, I will not say, “You don’t have Cranky to push around anymore” I am not going away anytime soon.
Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.  It is what I needed.  It is what I shamelessly was crying out for.  This community of bloggers is dwindling, but those that remain are wonderful caring people.

If I could just come up with some decent material.

Thank you all.  

I now return to my cranky self.


  1. Jolly good show ... what? Splendid ... that's what I say ... splendid. It's good to be cranky and to spread the crankiness about. There are too many nice people around so crankiness would restore some balance in this world. You keep on cranking old boy ... or young boy ... or whatever. The more cranky posts the better. It is some time now since you last complained about the weather ... we do it all the time here in the UK. Or complained about traffic and bad driving ... or what's on TV ... or the neighbour's ... the neighbour's dog ... cattle ... ass ... wife ... See? There's plenty of material for you to be cranky about. And if you run out just visit my Blog and use some of my pet hates to be cranky about. Just keep going ... what?

    God bless.

  2. Good news for the blogger world! I believe Victor is on to something!

  3. Watch the Academy awards tonight...I'm sure there's something you'll find to write about! Thanks for staying on in blog land and giving me something to look forward to reading besides Facebook!

  4. Your cranky self is the one we like, too, so it's a good thing.

  5. Glad you aren't going anywhere! It is hard to come up with blog material sometimes. Take heart, soon the weather will warm up again, you'll be on the golf course and you can always write about how your game is improving! Or share some of Mrs. Cranky's shopping lists; those were always fun to try to decipher.


  6. Go to the grocery store, or the post office. That should give you a week's worth of material. People are crazy these days! I'd suggest the DMV, but yours seems to be a regular Shangri La compared to mine.

  7. Good to know you'll stick around a bit longer. My satire filter needs practice.

  8. Ahh, such a relief. I so know how the doldrums can hit and seem unconquerable. Sometimes just reach into your past archive of fun posts to give your mind a rest. We need your unique take on the everyday.

  9. It kind of grows on you. I'm not sure what I'd do each evening, if I didn't sit down for a while to write a post.

  10. YAY! For all of us!!! :D Doing an Idaho happy dance for you which includes lots of spuds on a blue field. :)

  11. this is beautiful news dear Joe :)))

    i hope you keep your promise atleast till i am alive (i know i am being selfish)

    your writings have charm of honesty and simplicity ,you are genuine and gifted!