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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Can I Sue “Ring” For Causing My Divorce?

Can I Sue “Ring” For Causing My Divorce?

 Can I sue a company if they are responsible for my THIRD divorce?

I thought I finally got it right with Mrs. C, and in fact in our tenth year of wedded bliss we have yet to have a serious argument.  Oh, we have had a few yelling matches, but they are over and laughed about within an hour or less and all is forgotten. 

Today was a bit worse.

Today we logged onto the “Ring” web site to re-purchase their home security on-line monitoring package.  It is $30 a year, and without it the whole system is kind of worthless.  They give you the first year free and we received a warning that that first year is about to expire.

Here is where things started to go wrong.

Mrs. C had me bring up the web site on my computer.  Then she started giving me directions in her weird Mrs. C directional way.

“Hit the ‘My Plan’”

“Where is that?”

“Up on the top.”

“What up top, right, left?”


“What yes?”

“Right on the left!”

“You mean the button that says ‘Your Plan’?”

“My plan, your plan…what is the difference?”

You get the idea.
From there, what ever I clicked on did not give me anything I needed.  It was totally impossible to re-purchase this plan.
Mrs. C kept barking instructions and was convinced that I was just not clicking correctly, like there is a wrong way to click an icon!

Finally, when we got into an argument about “Just scroll up for more information” when I think of it as “Scrolling down for more information” I hit the roof and just gave her my computer.

“Why are we doing this like I am in a plane and you are ground control trying to talk me through a landing?”


After my total inability to follow directions and re-up the “Ring” plan, Mrs. C took over the computer in a “Let me do this you idiot kind of way.”

I was steaming.  Mrs. C was disgusted.

Ha! Mrs. C was getting nowhere with the “Ring” walk-through directions also.

“They claim 24 -hour service, can we just call them!”

“I would if I could just find a telephone number!”

“Give it to me, I’ll get the number!”

“No you won’t, you’re an idiot remember!”

By some miracle Mrs. C managed to break the code and find an actual phone number to call.

Mind you we had been at this project for 45 minutes, we were totally frustrated and at each other’s throats like we have never been at each other’s throats…EVER!

“It’s ringing…Hello”


“Yes, I am trying to re-subscribe to the service that you have messaged us is about to expire and I am unable to find the correct screen to make the purchase.”

“……  …. …… …. …….. …”

“Ok, thank you very much.”

“What did they say?”

“There is a problem on their end; we should try later or tomorrow.”

“WHAT?  You would think they might put that message on their web site.”

“You’d think.”

“Do you think we could sue them if this whole mess caused us to get a divorce?”

“Probably not, no matter what their web site issue is, you are still a jerk!”

I keep forgetting.


  1. You two have the most interesting fights. Most entertaining for all of us that is.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  2. Actually, I sympathise with you. Why is it that electronic firms do not have a direct "Contact Us" e-mail address. Here in the UK I tried to contact several broadband internet providers. Their websites do not have an e-mail address. The only way to contact them is by phone or by "On-line chat" where you write something and the idiot at the other end takes ages to respond and does not answer the query you raised.

    I hope you don't get such a bad service in the USA.

    God bless.

  3. So, they had a soon-to-be paying customer on the phone and they told you to try later? Lol, that is some piss poor customer service right there.

  4. You two are such fun, from a distance. Wonder if Ring is located in Iowa?

  5. It would have gone so much more smoother if you could actually talk to a live agent from the get go to renew this instead of having to do it online, but no, companies won't do that and leave that as an end result to try to connect with someone who is breathing and not a bot. But that seems to be the way most business is run these days.


  6. For some reason the idea of having that service scares me. I would be nervous watching video to see who was approaching my house while I was away. Or while I was sleeping. Or taking a shower. We live in the country and my luck I would be the one to finally get a good picture of Big Foot..on my front porch..oh wait, that's the UPS guy in brown clothes. Never mind.

  7. Well, you may be a jerk (to her), but at least you are not an idiot.

  8. I HATE websites that don't give the correct options for things. I don't think you and Mrs C are headed for divorce though. Especially now that she knows it wasn't your fault because she couldn't work out the website either.

  9. I have to take your side on the scrolling DOWN, and the MY plan/YOUR plan. Can't be too careful with technology. One click and you could mess up really bad!

    I think they do that on purpose, hide the phone number so you can't resolve your issues. Especially the companies who make you have a credit card on file, and bill you automatically every year. Maybe RING is being so difficult because they WANT YOU to let them automatically bill you every year. Otherwise, I can't explain why they're making it so hard for you to BUY THEIR SERVICE!

  10. I feel your pain. I have got to the point of ignoring calls to do something on line. If they can't co-operate with me they don't get my business.