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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What Makes Old People so Cantankerous?

What Makes Old People so Cantankerous?

All old people are not cranky, or mean, or cantankerous.  OK, actually we are all cantankerous.  Why? 

Because we can be.

Why can we be cantankerous? 

Well, old people have no boss, we are retired.  What are you going to do, fire us?

Old people can stand up to younger, stronger people.  How? What are you going to do, rough us up?  Maybe, but then you’d be guilty of elder abuse and most people would be shamed…or just maybe I could whip your butt, maybe I know stuff.  Do you want to take a chance?  Getting a beat down from an old person would really be embarrassing.  Some of us can do things with a cane or walker that a ninja would admire.

We are cantankerous as we are not patient.  Old people do not have enough time to be patient, do not make us wait.  Not having time also makes old people tougher.  Threats to ruin my life do not carry the same weight as they do to a young person.  Ruin my life?  That window is closing fast.

We are cantankerous, deal with it, you don’t scare us.

Old people do not have to do or have anything.

“You have to have an I-pad.”  No, I don’t, I've done pretty well all this time without one.

“You have to see this movie or read this book.”  No, I don’t!

“You must visit sometime.”  No, I mustn’t.

We don’t have time for politeness…we are OLD!

Do not mess with an old person’s routine.  We turn in for the night at a certain time.  We wake up at a certain time.  We eat at a certain time.  We poop at a certain time.  If our times do not fit into your schedule…adjust; we ain’t changing.

Stop telling us we already did something.  We are just going to do it again anyway.

“You just locked the door a minute ago.” 

“Well I’m going to lock it again.”

“You turned the lights out an hour ago.”
"I still want to be sure."

We’re going to do it again anyway, why tell us we already did it?  We need to be sure and we don’t trust anyone.

When we don’t want to do something, it may be for a reason that is embarrassing.  Don’t argue.  Don’t push it. 

Maybe I don’t want to go on a long trip because I have to make a restroom stop every two hours. 

Maybe I don’t like password protection because I can’t remember passwords. 

Maybe I take the long way to the supermarket because I always get lost taking the short cut.

If our cantankerousness confuses you, let it be.  We are cantankerous because we can be, and it has taken years to earn the privilege.


  1. I was going to comment, but it's time for me to poop!

    God bless.

  2. I am my own boss and like it that way... if only I could remember what things I have to do! The cat has a better memory than me.

  3. Also, we are too tired to care! (I don't consider myself old, but I'm getting there)

  4. oh this is scary and funny at same time dear Joe!

    suddenly i remembered things from past ,My maternal grandma would say often that one should get married during his late teens because this age has flexibility and easy to adjust with stranger (partner) otherwise it is hard to plow when land is dry

    i agree that we earn this privilege as we get old :)

  5. I always figured it was because we earned the right. All of your reasons too. I love being a pain in the rear now and then. It's grand fun.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

    1. and all you have to do is twinkle just a bit and you can say almost anything, they think you're teasing. You know you mean it. =)

  6. Maybe we aren't cantankerous. Maybe we can finally just be ourselves and not have to worry or care what others think of us.


  7. I do not think being honest and outspoken is cantankerous. We have only so many days on this planet and we are going to live them our way at last!

  8. Loved "maybe I know stuff." That should be food for thought for any one considering attacking us. I am pretty patient with people but have no use for an electronic gadget that makes me wait. Hey, the sands in the hour glass keep dribbling away.

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    1. How i hate when i hit enter when i don't mean to and mess up.

      Anyway, once you earn a privilege, you certainly do not give it up!

  10. For a minute, I thought you might change your name to The Cantankerous Old Man. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to read the extra letters. It seems like everything takes SOOOO LONG! Sometimes I plan what I might cook for supper, but then decide it's not worth all the preparation and cleanup time, when it will be eaten in 10 minutes.

  11. Thing is, we can get away with stuff that younger people can't. 'Cause we're old and a little scary. If I don't want to go on a three mile hike I say, my legs are bothering me today, or my balance is a bit off, and they suddenly get this image of an old lady tumbling down a hill.

    If I don't want to climb on the roof to shovel snow, I use the same excuse. Works every time. Then again, if I do, I get extra points. It's a win win, every time.

  12. I think we're cantankerous because of the young people who "know everything".
    WE used to be the ones that knew everything and sometimes it's hard to accept that we no longer do know everything because everything has changed so fast.

  13. I find myself saying all kinds of things to the docs or folks I work with that I never would have said when I was younger. My last name is Starkey but some call me "Starcasm".

  14. Plus, I got all the time in the world. So if you think I'm not going to take the time to call and "get my money back" or get my "senior discount" that you promised but didn't deliver, or whatever it is you think you can get away with. Think again.

  15. I can't even imagine what my cantankerous self will be like. It's frightening to think about. :)