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Monday, February 17, 2020



Reaching way back to the days of my once a week babysitting duty, this re-run is from February 2015
I arrived at my son’s house last Tuesday at around 7:00 PM in order to be ready for my toddler sitting duty on Wednesday.  My son was in the basement playing with the Crankettes and my DIL was in the family room asleep on the couch.  I did not announce my arrival. 

I let sleeping mommies lie.  
Apparently others do not.
Within a few minutes the littlest toddler came upstairs.  I could see him heading right for DIL.  I tried to head him off.
“Connor, what do you want?  Maybe I can help.  Don’t wake your mother.”
“I need mommy, it’s impotat.”
I left him alone.  Maybe it was something where only a mommy would do; otherwise he would have just asked his father downstairs.  It might be something he is embarrassed about, like a poopie, or a peepee problem that only a mommy could help.
The littlest toddler tugged DIL awake.
“Mommy, can I have a pwetzl?”
“CONNOR!  I can get you a pretzel; you don’t have to wake your mother.”
DIL stirred slightly,
“Grandpa Joe will get you a pretzel.  Thank you Grandpa Joe.”
She was back asleep.  Connor got his pretzel.
Minutes later, little foot steps are heard climbing out of the basement.
“Cole, what do you want?  Don’t wake your mother.”
“It’s important!”
“What is it?”
He runs to DIL and shakes her awake. 
“Mommy, can I have a pretzel too?”
“COLE!! I’ll get the pretzel for you, let your mommy sleep.”
“Thank you Grandpa Joe.”
Moments later I hear more clomping up the stairs.  It is my son.  Before he sees me or his sleeping wife,
“Devon!  Do you know where the popcorn bowl is?”
“Matt!  She’s sleeping!”
“Oh hi dad didn’t know you were here yet.  Sorry Dev.”
“It’s ok; I’ll get the popcorn bowl.  I can sleep tomorrow.”
I doubt it.


  1. I'm of the opinion that Matt should know where the popcorn bowl is kept, also that he should aske the kids what they're going upstairs for and can he help them get something instead of letting them disturb Mummy. Mummy needs to lay down some ground rules about her napping times.

  2. aske? and this right after I corrected you yesterday.... :(

  3. I have never taken a nap as an adult, if that tells you anything,

  4. Well at least she didn't have to get up to get the pretzel. Good job Grandpa Joe.

  5. I was napping when they told me you have a new post on your Blog. They woke me up just for that. Well, at least I can have a Guinness now; do you know where the potato chips are?

    God bless.

    1. In your pantry, third shelf down, right hand side, behind the cookie jar.

    2. Thanx River, you're so kind. But where is the popcorn?

      God bless.

    3. You ate it already, that's why you're onto the chips and will need to go to the store soon for more.

  6. I so remember those days. It's as if no one else could find anything or do anything but me. I so remember. You tried to let mom sleep. Good for you.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Joe. 😎

  7. Adult napping is one of the joys of old age, Bijoux.

  8. Any Mommy knows that she has to sleep with one eye open, or the world will stop spinning. Pretzels don't give themselves permission to be eaten, and popcorn bowls don't find themselves.

  9. Good Grandpa! You tried to help and I am sure that was appreciated.

  10. We have to wait to sleep until the kids are grown, and then we have insomnia.

  11. i think children of this age hardly trust any other rather than their mother,they think only mom can solve their problems (no matter what)
    but i think if father has the same connection with kids they will rely on him either

  12. You did everything you could to let the sleeping mommy sleep. That alone gives you a gold star. :)