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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

More Golf

More Golf

Well it is either golf or nothing at all, so…golf.

I was back on the course for the first time after several weeks at the Shore.  You might think that after three or four weeks of not playing I would have stunk the place out.  Actually, sometimes for us duffers, time off allows you to forget all those bad habits and play better.

Today that was the way.  I was hitting the ball very well…for me that is.  The biggest problem was with the sun, my eyesight, and playing on my own, I did not see where almost every shot went.  I knew I hit it well and the general direction, but did not find most balls until I about tripped over them.

Several shots were on the green, a good place to be, but even though I thought the shots were good, it takes some of the enjoyment away to not immediately see the result.

The next problem I encountered is it was FLAMING HOT.  I did not tee off until 11:30, pretty much peak heat of the day.  It was 95, no breeze and humid as all not-Heaven.

I took regular water breaks and rested in the shade when I could.  I think I was the only golfer on the front nine.  On the eight hole, I waited while grounds people were watering the green.  After about 10 minutes I decided to go ahead and hit even though they did not stop the watering.  As I was lining up my shot, the sprinklers went off on my tee area.  I think they were trying to turn off the sprinklers on the green and hit the tee sprinklers instead.

Their mistake was welcome as I let the sprinklers make several passes at me before I hit.

I barely dragged my behind to the finish, I only played nine…eighteen and I would have melted.  My reward was going to be a tall vodka tonic, but the new grill “Bar” still did not have a liquor license.  I had vodka at home, so my reward just had to wait a bit.

I sipped the drink while still dripping wet and barely able to move.  I will think twice before playing in that heat again.

Oh yeah, I shot 43 for nine holes.  Not bad for an old man.


  1. Several times over the last few weeks i have had to work outdoors in the heat and all i can say is, it's awful and i tip my hat to those who do it every day!

  2. You are certainly a magnificent specimen. Not for your score, because I don't know anything about golf. I mean for playing in the heat. I can barely walk from the house to the car in this heat. You deserved your vodka tonic. I guess you go for the clear stuff so nobody can pass off a dirty-water cocktail as the real thing...

  3. That's a pretty good score considering the conditions you played in. We were back in DC last year when it was in the 90s with their humidity. I just about died. I keep saying it but there is a difference in dry heat and humidity. I was walking around today here at 108 degrees thinking "its not really that bad out here." The golf courses here though aren't "super" busy this time of year. I'm sure a few die hards get out there no matter what.

    Seemed like you were responsible enough with the water you drank and the shade you looked for.


  4. I don't play golf but I still wish you would share your heat with us poor souls in the UK.

  5. I tried golf and I was no good. I once asked my coach, “What is going wrong with my game?”

    He replied, “You’re standing too close to the ball after you’ve hit it.”

    God bless.

  6. I feel like we just can't win with the weather here. It's either cold and rainy/snow or hotter than hell. I can't imagine golfing, as there never seems to be much shade at a course.

  7. The sprinklers were a lovely break and might have saved your bacon. We are having the same heat and even a riding mower is no longer fun. Can't imagine trying to play golf in it. Golf balls should come with remote finders. Press a button and the beeping and flashing light go off.

  8. I'm with Betty. Give me the dry 110 degrees over 80 and humid. However I do get my walking done early when it's only in the upper 80s. Not a golfer but I'll take your word for it that you done good.

  9. We have little humidity here and I'm thankful for that. I was in San Antonio, Texas one summer and this post made me think of that visit.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  10. God was watching over you, He sprayed you with cold water, you got to drink some, and you hit 43. Wow.

  11. i so agree that after little break one plays more energetically and precisely
    43 are is great score indeed specially in hot day like that

    still may be you can notice the difference between the game on hot day or cool day , don't you think that summers open up our brain and muscles in more fine way ,cold weather reduce flexibility of movement

  12. I’ve never played golf. I have a feeling I would be a hacker.

  13. Wow. Just for going out in that heat you deserved a drink!


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