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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It Gets Hot in Summer

It Gets Hot in Summer

It is a good thing I turned on the news this morning…

“This just in, it is Summer, it gets hot in Summer!” 

And if it isn’t hot enough, we have the “heat humidity index” which tells you that even though the temperature is 88, with the humidity it feels like 127!!

I remember when Summer heat was something we looked forward to.  Running through sprinklers, water balloon fights, sneaking into the country club swimming pool, popsicles, and ice cream.  Apparently, I was lucky to have survived the heat back in those days as today I am warned to

“Stay out of the heat, it is very dangerous!”

But, if you must go outside, here are the TV tips to survive.

1.    Keep hydrated!  At all times have water available, take a sip every five minutes.

2.    Wear light highly breathable clothes, do not wear your winter ski jacket or a rubber suit.

3.    Open windows in cars.  Do not leave a child or pet in a car for even seventeen seconds.

4.    Avoid alcohol.

5.    Stay out of the sun, stay under an umbrella at all times.

6.    Try to limit movement.

7.    Periodically pour ice water over your head.

8.    Sit on a block of ice if possible.

9.    Sweat.

10.  Better yet, stay inside with the air conditioner set to 65 degrees until October.

Enjoy your Summer!


  1. And imagine, summer got hot in the days before they invented air conditioners! Heavens! How did they survive? I tell you, give me a dry heat any day. That humidity is a killer and "sucks" the life out of people. This is coming from a person who lives where the forecast is for 115 degrees tomorrow! Now that is HOT :) The importance of hydration is a good thing, no matter what age one might be :)


  2. #10 seems like the best idea to me.
    #4 could be a problem in Australia with 95% of men swilling down a coldie (a beer) in the heat.

  3. feels like thing ruins the whole mood dear Joe

    this is sad that facilities have consumed our independent attitude and we have become very delicate ,weak and dependent

    when sometimes electricity goes off for while my both sons turn from :) to this :(
    i tell them world survived without electricity for many years and i think it was better way

    we are facing 40 plus here that rises to 48 sometimes still life is precious and beautiful

    because it is time when we are ALIVE ,after death does no temperature matters :)

  4. Hahahahahaha. I would love to do #7 to random people walking down the sidewalk. I'd blame you. Hahahaha. #10 is pretty much where I'm at now. I don't shovel heart attack snow and I don't go out in faint dead away heat. :D The air is on and will remain on until October.

  5. We are having dire warnings about heat even though it's flippin' cold where I am.

  6. Life was so much easier in Olden Tymes before they invented all these weather forecasts and warnings. In them days it was either hot or cold. They did not have the wind-chill factor then which makes it feel colder than it really is. When it was hot at 45*C in the shade we just kept away from the shade and all was well. We did not have sunburns or various sun creams to protect us from the sun. We just went swimming in our winter coats. Try getting through that sun rays!

    When it's hot as it is now all you need is a barbecue burning meat to a charcoal, plenty of beer and a block of ice down your pants.

    God bless.

  7. Excessive heat is dangerous, and if we were rushing headlong toward an ice age, they would be yelling at us about the dangers of cold. We all know the news people have to have something to whoop and holler over.

  8. Oh this made me laugh this morning! Thank you.
    And why do we need to hear that it is 95 but it feels like 105? I don't care, it's hot.
    I am not shoveling. I have AC. I like it as much as when they say it's 22 degrees but windchill makes it feel like 15 degrees. Who cares? It's damn cold either way stop telling me its worse.
    Go out in the sun, get a sun burn on your nose, grab some water, enjoy the summer and put on bug spray! Those are my tips :-)

  9. We always crack up at this, too. Maybe they are doing it for younger generations who are clueless? Don't forget to not stand under a tree during a thunderstorm.

  10. We used to have common sense, but apparently that is not the case anymore. We have to be told by experts now. Have you noticed that common words like snow, rain, heat and cold are no longer used? They are all headlines now and prefaced by some over the top adjective.

  11. Me too Joe. Always enjoyed playing in the sun--though it usually involved a water sport. Now days after 10 AM I am inside enjoying climate control and grateful for it.

  12. It's so hot here that I can barely drag myself from T-Hoe to the door of The Gas Station Chicken Store to get my daily 44 oz Diet Coke. At least I have air conditioning in T-Hoe now, since it got re-charged earlier this year during other repairs. Of course the thingy in the mirror that shows me the outside temperature has always worked.

  13. We're heading to the boat today for a cruise tomorrow. It's going to be hot. All great advice and I'd add Gatorade in there too. Really good for keeping your electrolytes where they should be.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  14. It was so hot here today I could have scrambled eggs on the hood of my truck.
    Not sure why I thought a black truck in Alabama was a good idea.

  15. People lack simple common sense in many cases. Seeing someone jogging, uphill, when it is 104 deg means he is one of those.

    Even in childhood, we headed to a shade tree and ran in the hose. All the suggestions are great except #8. Where would anyone in this day and age come up with a block of ice? Sit in the bags of ice at the store would work, I guess.

  16. Always said they should canonize the inventor of AC.

  17. I sit here in the Florida summer heat, with eternal gratitude to William Carrier, inventor of air conditioning!