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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bug Up His Butt

Bug Up His Butt
I don’t really remember when it started.  At least four years ago, probably more, a doctor, a Viet Nam veteran from Montana decided to poke at my political views.  I have since learned through losing a good friend on Facebook, that social media is not a good venue for political conversations.  It does not lead to rational discussion. 

The cover of the internet brings out the worst in people. 

Hate prevails.

I don’t believe I have been an instigator, but I have been guilty of using social media for asserting political opinions.  I learned my lesson and for the most part have been pretty good at avoiding SM for political discussions.

I delete most Facebook political memes. I unfriend some who are relentless in opinions, either side.  I un-follow bloggers who feel the need to constantly put their two cents worth on political events.

Still the above-mentioned doctor veteran occasionally finds the time to chime in on my post.  The post could be about air travel, or making breakfast, and he will turn it into a political jab at what he perceives is my position as an unwashed ignorant deplorable.  In fact, he has no clue on my positions to most issues in our world today.

I tried to be nice to him.  I once commented on a post of his about veterans, that I thought veterans should have special consideration for their sacrifice, including a tax exemption of up to $50,000 income.  He responded that no such thing existed and that I was an idiot for believing it…read much?

Later I posted satirically about overly testosterone males and in a dig at myself used the phrase “I’d tap that” in reference to annoying men who comment on woman out of their league.  It was a joke, maybe not a good one but…Doctor Troll came back saying if I said that about his daughter, he “would go all cowboy on my ass.”  Not sure what that meant, and not sure he is cowboy enough, but I am also no longer eleven so…

Anyway, that led to a stupid pissing contest that I should have ignored and not participated because, well, I am no longer eleven.  I thought we came to a truce, but he loves to poke.  Eventually I just deleted his comments without even reading past the first few words.

If you see a comment “deleted by the administrator” this is why.

If this troll’s biography is accurate, and I believe it is, I would like to respect him for his service and obvious intellect.  Sadly, as my father used to tell me, “there are more horses asses in the world than there are horses.”

This is his last comment that I actually read: I know this’ll likely be deleted before reading, but do you know joeh how repetitive, how similar in content each post of yours are? I guess you have a target audience that likes this, or at least responds, but geeze, get original. So far you live up to every stereotype of your cranky old man persona, boring and forgettable.  Sorry but it’s true.

Why thank you troll, that is such a productive comment.  I'll try and change and be more original six day a week for another 8 years.  Maybe I could write about my kids, grand-kids and the weather every frickin post like you do, you incredibly talented hack!

So, from this day forward I say to my troll, knock yourself out, your comments will not be read, they will be once again deleted and forgotten.  You sir are dead to me.  Sorry you are such a miserable prick.

You need to take up a hobby, perhaps fishing.  If you already fish, you should fish more.

In the meantime, as my mom always said “Life is too short!” 


  1. This is a toxic personality. He's miserable and wants you to be miserable too. I'm glad you're not letting this guy get to you. I find you funny and love reading about your life and especially about your interactions with your wife. Keep up the good work, Joe.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♪♫♪♫

  2. And your mom was the way....your post is so forgettable he can't stay away Hmmm????? He must not have enough to do.

  3. Again, you have 328 followers, according to your sideboard. Jealousy? That's what I always said about mean girls.

  4. I mean this most sincerely JoeH; and please feel free to delete my comment if you don't like it. Have you tried to genuinely pray for this individual? He obviously needs prayers and yours would be the greatest gift you can give him.

    God bless you.

  5. They're some people out there that all they want to do is find fault about something, why does he keep reading if all he wants to do is find something to complain about.

  6. There's one in every family, and every group. Sometimes more than one. Cheerfully ignore him!

  7. This guy is a moron. I thank him for his service but that isn't a free pass to be a moron. He has waaay too much time on his hands. And as for him going "all cowboy on you" maybe he meant like the movie 'Brokeback Mountain' :)

  8. I wonder what he did before social media to annoy people? Oh yeah, he's a doctor..I work with them every day and some nights and some docs make it a career to be aholes. (not all...some are my hubby although many MD"s don't consider him a "real" doc since he's a Chiropractor...that's a doc who doesn't bury his mistakes) Keep up the good work on your blog!

  9. The advice in your next-to-last line gave me a snort!

  10. Some people are just a waste of your time or, as someone once said to a friend of mine, " you're the reason your dad should have worn a condom."

  11. I'm blaming it on the weather in Montana. It froze his brain and he can't get it out of the troll mentality that he has. We're probably giving him exactly what he wants in the comments we are writing as I'm sure he'll be back to read them once he realizes you have written about him. Good idea to delete his comments without reading them and move on. Life is too short to get caught up with the likings of someone like him.


  12. Politics brings out the worst in us, especially these days. It is always better to talk about the weather, a good meal, or your partner as it is something we can all enjoy or complain about.

  13. He sounds like my brother-in-law who can turn any issue into a political rant. Just an argumentative jerk.

  14. Think your father nailed it and this fellow proves it. Just keep hitting delete button Joeh.

  15. Oh that poor man is surly sick and absolutely not normal because his words prove it STRONGLY

    we all have different types of experiences and observations
    our creative side reflect our certain perspective no matter how diverse we try to be because it is our IDENTITY
    your's is to be PROUD OF dear Joe and i am sure that you know it too
    this guy is certainly lacking such success and fame ,specially the love of audience you have believe it or not this is his actual problem
    i am proud of you and i am happy i found you my friend!

  16. Wow - what a massive compliment that he keeps rocking up to see what you have written! Whenever I encounter someone writing content I don't like, I just simply never go back to their blog. I don't stalk and taunt them. So I'm guessing he is a fan of yours but can't admit it. He must be really frustrated that you are now ignoring him. On the rare occasons I've had nut jobs spewing their mental health problems in comments, I just blacklist their IP Addresses and I never see what they write again.

  17. I find it Amusing and oddly complimentary really that anyone who religiously follows Blogs or FB of someone they allegedly claim to abhor, that they are so fixated with and spend so much time chiming in and NEED to know what you have written! Is it a bid for attention with the controversy they project, one has to wonder? Is shit stirring and being antagonistic or perpetually negative and critical the only way they feel relevant and engaging with other Human Beings and feel good about who they are? Perhaps he secretly envies you and how engaging you are with your appreciative Blog Followers, perhaps he is a tortured Soul, who knows? Ignoring an irritant and refusing to engage is the ultimate jab at how irrelevant they really are to those of us who prefer to avoid anyone who even smells like Drama and a Headache.

  18. I love what your father said about horses asses...must remember this... :-)


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