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Monday, July 1, 2019


This is a Mrs. Cranky comment that throws me every time.  Looking back, I think this may not be restricted to Mrs. Cranky, but is a characteristic typical of many woman I have known…the “You Should Know” syndrome.

“Kare, where is the mayo?”

“You should know”

“But I don’t know.”

“Think about it.”

“I don’t feel like thinking about it, why don’t you just tell me?”

Because you should know.”

“But I don’t!”

"You should!" 

"Come on!"

“It is in the pantry.”*

“Great, where in the pantry, there are like 12 shelves?”

“You should know.”

“What the “F”, why should I know?”

“Because a week ago before we went shopping, you told me we had a jar of Mayo behind the corn flakes on the cereal shelf…don’t you remember?”

“Obviously not and why didn’t you just tell me that 5 minutes ago, there’s 5 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.”

“Because you should have known and not had to ask in the first place”

“But I didn’t know, that is why I…never mind…’Third base!’”

“I know you’re a jerk!”
A re-run from July 2015
*Unopened mayo does not need to be in the fridge, at least in this country.


  1. Hahahaha. My kids do the same thing to me when I ask where something is. I'm like, ya' know what, I've slept since then just tell me where it is! :) - Happy Monday, Joe!

  2. You should know after the years you are married to Mrs. Cranky not to ask her questions like this :)


  3. Hope springs eternal that you won't hear the expected "you should know!".

  4. You're a mind reader right? you should know.

  5. Some husbands can't find anything. I mean nothing. Are you one of those guys?

    Have a fabulous day. ♪♫♪♫

  6. If you didn't have Mrs. C, you WOULD know. Since you have her, it's way easier to ask her than remember, or look for yourself. I think maybe that's the point she's making. She'll give you the information, but you're going to have to work for it.

  7. You know you really do make life fun for Mrs. C ---and us.

  8. My Retired Man asks that question in the hopes that I will stop what I am doing and get it for him. I do, because it is just easier.

  9. It's always easier to just tell them, but i don't get up and get it for them unless i really feel like it.

  10. I think Mrs C just really likes the back and forth of this type of conversation. I'd be more likely to tell you exactly where something is. Unopened mayo doesn't need to be in the fridge here either and I think that's the same everywhere.

  11. This is the story of your life.... entitled YOU SHOULD KNOW! You could make a few dollars if you published it.

  12. typical words from my mom's mouth because i was mostly lost in radio t.v or books always unable to connect with demands of my mom

    people who KNOW themselves want every one to know as well

    i can't say same about hubby because he is more attentive than me lol

  13. I always thought that the ability to move one thing to find another behind it was something that clearly separated the sexes. Then I met my friend Don -- who rearranges my refrigerator because "you should always put the things you use everyday in the front." Clearly what I use every day and what he uses everyday are two completely different things. And how cheeky! -- whose refrigerator is it anyway?? I didn't know how old people got so cranky, but now I am learning.

  14. Ditto. But, you know, you should know that. ;-)

  15. Hahaha! My usual response to that question is: "You live here, don't you?" ☺ Actually, my husband is much better at finding stuff than I am, especially when I've misplaced something.

  16. When Jack can't find something he always follows it with: "I know how you are when you clean" comment. Then maybe you should put it away in the first place...yep, that's my comment!

  17. My wife's comment when I can't find something is always "I guess it wasn't right in front."

  18. I think she just wants to give you stuff to write about - clever lady! Next week, ask her where the ketchup is. ;-)

  19. I would have just opened the cabinet and taken it out for you.

  20. Not being able to find something is NEVER my fault! NEVER!!!

  21. Some day I'll have to tell my husband where the washer and dryer are in this house. He should know, but he doesn't.


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