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Friday, July 12, 2019

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?
Last Tuesday the door of an armored car flew open on I-285 just outside Atlanta.  One hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars in bills scattered along the highway.

Dozens of cars pulled over, people poured out and gathered up the bills as fast as they could.

Apparently, the law says that those who scooped up the bills were guilty of theft.  Clearly these people could not be identified, even if their cars could be traced, how could it be proved they took any money, or how much money they grabbed.

More than likely most of the money will not be recovered.  I assume the loss is covered by insurance so the loss will be spread out among owners of the insurance company and maybe increased insurance rates.  Basically no one will be hurt financially very much if at all.

So…what would you do?

Not pull over?

Pull over and gather as much as you can and keep quiet about it?

Pull over, gather money and return it to the police?

Pull over, gather money and return some to the police?

What would you do?

I might have just driven by without stopping.  All those people, all that money on a busy highway, it could be dangerous. 

Maybe I would have pulled over and grabbed the cash.  I’m a pretty honest guy, but come on now!

If I did pull over and grab the cash, I think I would have eventually turned over the money to the police…guilt and all that.  So far people have turned over only $5000 out of $175,000.

Maybe I would have turned over the cash but kept a 10% finders fee. 

I think I could live with that…maybe.

Tell the truth.  What would you do?


  1. I think I'd drive on by. I'm pretty lazy, and that's a lot of bending. I'm not desperate for money. I figure the people who got some "free" cash probably needed it more than the insurance company. I'd feel guilty if I picked it up and kept it, and I'm not going to be free labor for an armored car company.

  2. I would pick it up as much as I could and I would think about what I could do with it, but then in the end I would return it as I'm like honest. I had an uncle that liked to build cuckoo clocks and grandfather clocks from kits. When he passed on, there was an estate sale so my sister went to it and bought one of his big grandfather clocks. When they got home and started to display it, she saw there was an envelope in the back of it with $5000 cash. No one had seen it. She turned the money back over to the estate to be divided by the heirs. She could easily have kept it, no one would have been the wiser to know it was there. But she like me was raised with a honest mom like I'm sure you were raised by honest parents. We wondered how many other envelopes were in other clocks as he was a bit eccentric and how many other people turned in the money.


  3. i could not access the video dear Joe

    incident sounds interestingly scary to me

    scary why ?

    money is something quite dangerous thing when withered like that

    few years back people of our small city heard that an oil tanker got some fault and is stood with trembling oil

    people (men specially youngsters) started to gather around with can to fill

    repeating it making me shiver that suddenly tanker blasted and men were burnt to death

    it happened few years back and many say it was act of terrorism

    unforgettable and so painful

    answer to question now , i am terribly fool so i won't even stop and pass even if there is no one around the money :(

  4. If there was a safe place to pull over, I would be out of the car scooping up cash as fast as I could, I might feel guilty for a while and not spend it until I really needed it, but I don't think I'd be turning it in either. I think it would depend on how much I could grab. a little? mine. A lot? Well, I don't know.

  5. That's a very interesting moral dilemma. I have found items on occasion which I have handed into the police and I once put my handbag on the roof of my car and drove off, and someone returned it. But those are really personal incidents. I'd like to think that I'd gather up the money and hand it to the police, but I'm not 100 per cent sure I would. I think a bit of a mob mentality was going on there.

  6. This is a difficult one but when actually faced with such a situation I guess temptation rules. What would I do... honestly don't know but I hope my conscience would prick hard enough for me to hand over anything I picked up.

  7. Do what the Good Samaritan would have done -- pull over, grab as much as possible, immediately turn it over. Do unto others, even if the other is a company, because companies are run by people who deserve to be treated as i would want to be treated.

  8. People seem to have forgotten the Commandment "Thou shall not steal".

    God bless.

  9. These stories always make me wonder how in the world an armored car door opens for no reason and how many just flies out? But I'd just keep driving because I'm not hard up enough for cash to risk that sort of craziness.

  10. I wouldn't stop. It sounds like a chaotic scene, but I wouldn't want to be tempted by someone else's cash either.

  11. I would like to think I would be honest and turn it in but who knows when the pockets filled. I am pretty sure I would have just driven by. I'm sure there was some squabbling among the gatherers and I tend to avoid squabbles.

  12. Probably would have tried to alert the driver that there had been a mishap and then kept going.

  13. I'm surprised some people say there is a moral dilemma. What dilemma? You're either moral or your not. I absolutely would not stop and would not grab any money. It's not mine, I didn't earn it. It's not that hard, actually.

    1. Actually almost none of the readers considered it a dilemma, most said they would drive by some would turn the money in, I said I would keep 10%...that was a joke. But I am pleased that you are also not one to grab the cash, that is very nice.

  14. I'd drive on by. I don't like "cra cra". I don't do Black Friday's or major sales. Not worth it to me.

  15. Drive on by...I couldn't take something that isn't mine. Maybe there was someone who was desperate and thought it was an answer to a prayer and used the money for food or medicine or some other need. One can dream can we?!

  16. Nope. Not me. I'm driving by. It's not my business and it's not my money.

  17. I would keep driving.

    That's not to say that if I found a loose $20 bill on the ground somewhere, with nobody in sight who might have lost it, I wouldn't pick it up and keep it. Maybe I'd make it a donation. But if that $20 were inside a wallet with ID, I'd turn it in.