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Monday, July 22, 2019

One IF By Air, Two if it Lands

One IF By Air, Two if it Lands

Hot time, summer in the suburbs, back of my head getting buzzed by one dang fly! 

I hate it when a fly gets in the house.  These days of screens and no kids running n and out, we do not get many flies in the house; when we do neither of us can relax.  Mrs. C is obsessed with eliminating the fly.  I become obsessed with eliminating the fly.

Late in the summer, the fly elimination is easy.  Those flies are big and fat and slow.  They always head for the glass door and buzz at it trying to get out.

Stupid fly…SWAT, SPLAT, fly is eliminated.

Early summer, the flies are smaller, faster and have greater endurance.  They do not head for the glass door to escape as quickly and they often bump and run where we do not see them.

We had one of these today.  

Mrs. C grabbed the swatter and waited by the door in case the fly tried to flea…(see what I did there?).  I wandered through the kitchen with my electric swatter, randomly slashing in the air, sometimes you get lucky and zap the bugger.  I actually did get a spark, probably a no-see-um thing.


“Got him!”


“No, I didn’t.”

I continued to flail away at the air hoping for a lucky shot.

“Stop…over here, he is over here around the glass door.”

I swatted at the air around where he was last spotted when,


Mrs. C got him with one try as he tried to escape through the glass.

Sometimes you have to double team the little ones.

We shall sleep well tonight.


  1. Always come at them from behind. When they take off, it's the best way to get them.

    Congratulations on getting that one today!

  2. I did see what you did to get him to flea instead of flee. Clever. But I get paid to spot those discrepancies :)

    I hate flies in the house too. Inevitably we seem to have a "house guest" that takes a few days for us to eliminate. Mosquitoes are worse.


  3. I hate them! It's my own fault, they get in while I have the kitchen door open, giving the dogs a treat when I get home from town. They even find their way to the basement, which is definitely not bright like a glass door to the outside. Don't worry, I have a flyswatter on both levels.

    Much worse, we have a mosquito inside now. It bit me on the back of both elbows (?) and three inches to the right of the tramp stamp area. No. I don't have a tramp stamp. But that's where it got me, somehow under the quilt while I was sleeping. I saw it buzzing around FRIG II today, but it flew up too high to reach it.

  4. haha

    you played like movie front of my eyes dear Joe

    great success indeed

    our summers are are horrible for flies though they survive 40 plus
    totally hubby's fault when he insist to keep the curtain removed in morning times one or two get in sometimes

    i don't want to kill them but i have to ,because they irritate and there is no other way

  5. I remember once I was invited at a friend's barbecue in his garden. I asked him if he had a newspaper. He said they were modern now; "no papers; here's my Kindle!"

    I tell you, that wasp did not know what hit it when it met its maker. For some reason my friend got angry when the Kindle (whatever that is) broke into a million pieces. I thought it was a modern contraption like the electric swatter.

    God bless.

  6. Flies bring germs. I would rather have spiders than flies in the house.

  7. We tend to get stink bugs more than anything. I'm amused by you using an electric swatter inside the house.

  8. Those zappers are fun aren't they? In the house I have a dedicated flying insect destroyer in my old cat. She has no other use but is death on flying bugs.

  9. It's hard to be a great swat commander. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ♪♫♪♫

  10. I was expecting to read that you zap Mrs. C instead of the fly.

  11. I love those zappers. My kids used to get paper or magazines and go after a fly and swing like they were Babe Ruth. I'm like, it's a tiny bug. Tap it and be done. Nope. Splat. Bug guts everywhere. So gross. I didn't have the zapper when they were little.

  12. I have to get a new zapper. I believe one of my sons, took it with them. My fly situation is better now. Poison works wonders!

  13. Our problems with an occasional invading fly are solved by at least one of six cats. We just wake them up, point out the little devil, and watch the show. I recommend it!
    (Full disclosure: we have lost a pair or two of glass vases and other knick-knacky crap in the process!)

  14. We have been inundated this Summer with tiny Grey Moths, they hang out by the Front Door and seem lured in by the Cool Air inside... which isn't surprising given it's been like 120 outside this Summer here in the Desert. Don't know where they came from or why they are Summering at our Front Door tho'?! And I don't want the smell of Mothballs in the Home, so we resort to Moth Hunting... no easy feat when you have cathedral ceilings!

  15. I had no idea electric swatters existed!