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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Same story reported by CNN and FOX

Same story reported by CNN and FOX

I can remember a time when none of the networks had an agenda.

African American faith leaders defend Trump after White House meeting: 'He's not a racist'


Alveda King is niece of Dr. Martin Luther King

"The president spent a long time with us and the meeting was not a photo-op," King told "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning. "He's not a racist. Absolutely is not, and the programs he has moved forward, the higher job market is helping African Americans, the criminal justice reform is helping African Americans."

King told Trump she had photos of him with Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader whose nonprofit Rainbow PUSH Coalition is based in Chicago, when they gave him awards.

"They began to hurl insults at the president. Nobody wants to understand that," King said. "What the president's simply saying is your communities need to be fixed and he said to Representative Cummings, Elijah Cummings, who actually said either abort the babies now or you'll kill them later. He says things like that and then you look at his community and you see individuals suffering, communities suffering, and families suffering."

Trump hosts African American pastors and faith leaders at the White House


After quotes by a known African American Conservative Trump supporter:

Another participant in the meeting, Alveda King, side-stepped questions from the reporters, but said that Trump is "concerned about the nation as a whole," and pointed to high employment rates in the African American community.


  1. How i wish all reporting what simply, This Is What Happened, not Here's My Opinion About It.

  2. Is it just me or is the Fox quote completely incomprehensible? I'm denied access to the link.

    But yeah, the media bias is unreal these days.

  3. WOW! I can't believe the troll from out west is back or he still reads my "boring predictable posts" I of course deleted his comment without reading it as his comments are also boring and predictable and also unproductive to any possible narrative.

    Please go away. I wanted to like and respect your position, but sorry, I have been done for some time now. Your comments used to bother me, but the last one that I read by mistake was so silly, so obviously mean spirited for the purpose of being mean spirited that I just do not care anymore. Anyway, I guess you actually do enjoy my posts if you still come back to read them even when I ask you to just quietly go away.

  4. If anyone knows how to ban a reader on Blogger, please let me know.

    1. Go to your settings, you'll find some stuff there. Just play around, push some buttons, swear a little, and eventually you'll get there. I'll go there myself, send directions, if you don't get it. I had a few people I banned.

    2. Go to your "new post" page. on the left, click on "comments" when you find his comment tick the box, then move to the top of the comments where it should have a button that says "spam" click on that to indicate the selected comment is spam and it should disappear from the comments list. THEN open the spam comments they'll be on the left, tick the checkbox beside the newly spammed comment, then above those comments, click on "delete". This lets your computer know that you consider this person unworthy and the spam folder should then catch all of his comments without them making their way to the visible screen we all see here.

  5. Just posted something on your reply settings about banning commenters, and now it is gone.

    Anyway, I admire Alveda King and her support of Pres. Trump. I stopped watching cable news shows after the 2016 election. Just couldn't stand the insanity and stupidity that poured from the tv like raw sewage.

    Dear Lord, help us all.

  6. I think Susan said it best "Dear Lord help us all." I don't follow politics nor the news much so can't comment too much about the story.


  7. I'm not sure if you can block anyone from reading unless you make your blog private. Trouble with a private blog is that no new readings can read it unless you send them an invite. Here's what I found on blogger for changing settings if you decide to go private:

    Choose who can see your blog
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    Sign in to Blogger.
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    Note: After you make your blog private, people who remember or have a copy of the web address of an image may still be able to view it.

    I couldn't find anything that specifically said you could block readers.

    1. Easier for the rest of us if joeh just blocks his comments as I've suggested above.

  8. Hola! I've been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and
    give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great

  9. media has become mostly nothing but representative of politicians dear Joe

    i have no problem with Trump though

    if you are not happy with anyone's comment you can on the comment moderation option
    no comment will appear until you prove it
    i wonder what kind of people do such low actions

  10. You could go to Comments on Dashboard and mark all of his comments as SPAM.

  11. I only allow Fox on in my house when the Eagles play. Cable news is dividing friends, family, and our country.

  12. I have missed all the controversy. We need to do our own research when confused about whether something is true. It usually comes out in a few days or weeks when someone was misrepresented or whe someone lies. Keep up people!

  13. I think comment moderation may be your only hope. I tried labeling the Mumbai hooker guy as spam and he still got through.

    1. As soon as you label him 'spam' go to your 'spam comments' folder and delete them. It's what I do and I didn't see the Mumbai one at all, until I got this new computer, then he got through and I spammed him again. haven't seen him since.

  14. Sadly, there are also people who visit Christian blogs to make anti-Christian comments. I delete them and pray for them.

    God bless.

  15. I have people that leave spam comments on my old posts.
    I’m not sure what that’s about, but like A suggestion above, I mark them as spam.

  16. I get the occasional spam comment. That's what the delete key is for.