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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Tiny Hair Mystery

The Tiny Hair Mystery

One of my household chores is to clean the bathroom.  I don’t mind that much; it is a pretty easy job.  I’m not so fond of reaching around and behind the toilet to get at those hard to reach places but otherwise cleaning can be therapeutic.

Well it could be therapeutic, if not for tiny hairs.  I don’t know where they come from, but bathrooms are loaded with tiny hairs.  You do not see them ordinarily, they only come out when everything is clean.  They prefer porcelain, perhaps because it is white.

I first clean the mirror and the sink and counter.  It sparkles…then, out of nowhere, a hair.  I remove it from the sink when I look up at the mirror, a hair.  This goes on from sweeping and moping the floor to cleaning the toilet and the shower.  Everything is clean, everything sparkles, except, I keep finding hairs.

I clean regularly.  I am bald, Mrs. C has long hair.  I do not know where the tiny hairs come from.  It is not like we are hairy people, we have no pets.  These hairs are the size of eyebrow hairs. 

We only have two sets of eyebrows in the house, how many loose hairs can there be?

The answer is, one.  There is always one tiny hair that shows up after I clean the bathroom.  It is one of the great mysteries of my house. 

Do the laundry; lose one sock.

Drop anything on the floor; it will bounce under the closest obstacle possible.

Clean the bathroom; there will always be one tiny hair.


  1. Those dang hairs! They land here as well. And all those spare socks? Is it part of the human condition?

  2. Did you ever get rid of that squirrel?

  3. I clean the bathroom in pretty much the same order. Don't see too many tiny hairs here. What my biggest cleaning mystery is how I can pick up so much stuff in the vacuum cleaner bag when I vacuum every week and its only two of us living here with the weekly visit of son and his family. The container is almost full weekly. Do we bring that much dirt in? Perplexing.


  4. Same here joeh, tiny hairs and fluff too. The thing is they're so tiny, whenever you sweep or wipe anything, they become airborne and then settle. They could be eyebrow hairs or even tiny bits of hair broken from a longer one when brushing or combing.
    My own problem is worse because of Lola. She sheds hair as if everyday was a heatwave. I also have my clothes dryer in the bathroom, it's a combined bathroom/laundry, so after drying things like towels, there is airborne fluff that makes it through the filter to land in any freshly cleaned surface.

  5. A mystery indeed. I have a shower and if there are any loose hairs the shower washes them away before I see them.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I believe socks should be sold in threes. This way you get a better chance of picking two that match from the drawer. I wrote to sock manufacturers telling them that this would increase their sales by 50%. I wrote in triplicate. They ignored me. All three of them. I now plan to send them any loose hair I find. That should confuse them as well as it confuses you and your readers.

    Yours confusingly,


    (God bless you, JoeH).

  7. Those bathrooms never stay spotless long, do they?

  8. Yep. Pretty universal mysteries related to cleaning.

  9. it is must to reach hidden place while cleaning dear Joe otherwise unseen germs can ruin your cleaned parts soon

    situation sounds little scary to me ,i too wonder where is the hair come from ???

    cannot not be ghost's as i don't think their hair fall on floor ,they must fly around like ghost itself
    keep thinking and please share when you find to curious friends

  10. That's when my OCD would reeallly come out. It's a nightmare when you have a house full of hairy Italian boys!

  11. I've not noticed this tiny hair, but now I'll be on the lookout.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  12. It happens, especially when i am cleaning the house of the person who will inspect with a microscope.

  13. Thank goodness I have a cat to blame it on other wise I would lose sleep.

  14. A real scooby doo mystery you got there!

  15. Hairs that don't match anyone's Hairs in the household... a complete Mystery... whose sneaking in and shedding?! It happens here too... I have Dreadlocks so don't shed... The Man and Grand-Daughter have Dark straight Hair... yet Blonde Hair has appeared... curly Hair... and tiny Hairs not of The Cat... when you discover the culprit of these Mysteries, please Share!

  16. Gremlins, I tell you, it's gremlins.


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