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Thursday, August 1, 2019

An Observation

An Observation

You can learn a lot from watching TV commercials.  They are a window into our world.  If hundreds of years from now, archaeologists find a cache of early 21st century TV commercials they would make the following conclusions about our world today.

Ninety-five percent of all doctors and judges are female.

Almost all cleaning products are sold by people with English accents.

One hundred percent of dentists are female.

Most children are smarter than their parents.
Men are bigger and stronger than women but are generally defeated when they ingage in physical competition against each other.

There is nothing more important to a mom than clean white shirts.

Most young married couples are mixed race.

People drink alcohol for the taste and refreshment, they never get high.

Furniture stores are always going out of business.

Men can not find anything around the house, are careless and forget every important date…OK, that one is accurate.

Those future archaeologists will believe all these things to be true, TV commercials must mirror life as we know it…right?



  1. Everything on TV has to be true, so of course women vacuumed the carpet wearing heels and pearls back in the '50s, when the world was black and white.

  2. Well, I didn't know about the dentists. Young people gathering together for drinking around a fire pit on the beach are always happy and gorgeous. McDonald's chicken nuggets are healthy eating. The entire population has white and perfect teeth, even in movies about Vikings.

    My gr-daughters have said since they were 4 yrs old (still say) that boys are stupid and boys break things. Yes, they do.

    Love your thoughts.

    1. I missed "The entire population has white and perfect teeth" must be those great women dentists!

  3. At least they won't find cigarette commercials! I still remember them being when I was growing up. One out of every 2 commercials were selling cigarettes.


  4. And they all want their CASH NOW! They want it so bad they SING for it!

  5. I don't know a single commercial that mirrors actual life. I think about future archaeologists too, and wonder what they'll make of tiny plastic squares that used to be bread bag ties, pockets of rust caused by disintegration of tiny things like staples and hair clips. And what will they make of the giant land of plastic that used to be *gasp* an ocean! Real water, turned into plastic!

  6. I think they'll believe we buy a new mattress every month.

  7. Hey you forgot about all the drug commercials and side effects, anal leakage, stomach bleeding, loss of hearing and eye sight. That fun stuff. :-)

  8. Margaret beat me to it. The drug companies would convince the future that we all suffer one disease or another but that miracle pills will save the day, if you don't mind the side effects like possible death.

  9. We've not had television for years so we don't watch commercials. Netflix and Amazon Prime don't have commercials. I do remember commercials though and I'm guessing you're onto something here.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  10. You nailed it. My husband hates how all the commercials degrade men. I have to agree.

  11. They will also learn that some prescription drugs can cause vaginal warts with a possibility of spewing blood from at least one orifice.

  12. i have read this post yesterday but could not leave comment due to some instant piece of work

    no doubt our commercials are getting weird and even funny

    many times the commercial is ended and i still think WHAT WAS THE POINT OR WHAT WAS THE COMMERCIAL FOR LOL

    whatever they will think of our times it will surly be confusing

  13. The terrifying disclaimers of the drug commercials are legendary... hundreds of years from now they might find it curious anyone took any drug at all and risk all of that?! My absolute fav to mock are the Ads for something that is ALWAYS $19.95 no matter what it is they're hawking... and if you act now, they'll throw in a 2nd one... and some bonus thingy... it's hilarious... and yeah, I've been known to order one. *Winks*

  14. But they will know that all the health insurance company ads have the peppiest music!