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Tuesday, August 6, 2019



My wife has a thing about pillows.  I will try my best to explain, but I don’t have it figured out myself.

We have lots of pillows on our bed.  Mrs. C has about eight.   I have I think six.  I only use two, but that would make the bed too unbalanced so I have six, I think, maybe it is four or five…

Mrs. C does not use all eight pillows at the same time, they all just have different purposes, even though they are all basically the same. 

She used six for watching TV, the other two are on the floor next to her holding up her computer power cord.  If she falls asleep with six pillows it is only short term. 

When she is ready to turn in for the night, she uses four pillows to sleep on, two pillows go to the end of the bed and the cord holding pillows are moved for what reason I do not know.

I sleep on two pillows and the other four are just scrunched up out of my way.

Mrs. C takes a nap in the day when I retreat to my basement lair to watch TV, exercise on my Total Gym machine, and practice guitar.  She naps on my pillows, always turning one up vertical resting against the other five pillows.  Always the same pillow.

The other day, as a test as I retreated downstairs I grabbed her vertical resting pillow saying,

“I’m going to need this downstairs.”

“I don’t think so!” As she grabbed one end and hung on for life.

“You have at least thirteen pillows, I need this one downstairs.”

“No you don’t, your just being a jerk.”

“No, I need this pillow!” (I was just being a jerk).


Do you remember the “Exorcist?” Scary movie right? Not as scary as messing with Mrs. C’s pillows.

I didn’t really need it anyway.


  1. You have such interesting exchanges at your house. What I'm taking away from this post is all the pillows are hers and you're just allowed to use two to sleep.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  2. All I can say is with those amounts of pillows on your bed, thankfully you don't have a corgi that sleeps on the bed too. There wouldn't be room for you or Mrs. Cranky on it. We're strictly a two pillow household. His and hers. He likes fluffy, I like flat. When we go to a hotel with lots of pillows on the bed, the majority come off and if its too fluffy I'll sleep without any pillow.


  3. So you are talking full size pillows and not the ones for decoration? I can't imagine needing more than one to sleep on. My neck would hurt from being bent at an angle from more than one pillow.

  4. Pillows are personal. Just like toothbrushes, and spectacles, and French fries. Do NOT share French fries.

    God bless.

  5. you sleep on 6 pillows? Do you wake with a sore neck? Hmm....
    I have a lot of pillows for "pretty" but I only sleep with one. Gee what am I missing Joe?

  6. This may sound really strange to you but the hubs and I have one pillow each. And he'd better not touch mine.

  7. You bit the bullet on that one. You survived but did you learn about pillow possession?

  8. We do not share pillows! It saves our marriage.

  9. As much as I would like to support Mrs. C (kind of like your special pillow), I must take your side. It's fine if you want to share YOUR pillows with her, but if not, she should make do with her own. Or the ones you leave behind for her. Even though you WERE trying to provoke her.

  10. this is very interesting dear Joe

    i don't know why but i have seen that women have certain attraction for pillows ,don't include me though i have made lots of pillows but to just prove that i am woman lol

    you guys use much pillows , we use only two ,one me one hubby

    your pillow was grabbed because may be she got your intention ,otherwise if would have realize your need was serious she would have given it to you

  11. Does Mrs C sleep sitting up? How else does one sleep on four or six pillows? I have four pillows on my bed, but only sleep with one. I use three to prop myself up when I'm reading in bed if I can't sleep and the fourth is on the floor in case the cat wants to sleep on it. When I'm ready to sleep two of my three join the one on the floor. I agree with Val, Mrs C should use her own pillows for napping and leave yours alone.

  12. Pillows are like snowflakes -- each one unique.

  13. That is a lot of pillows. Pick a new favorite and see if she goes for that one. Then it might be personal and she is just trying to push you into a "jerk" moment. I like the look of many pillows but would never do it to myself.

  14. Never a dull moment in your house. One pillow is all I can cope with but I am willing to learn how to deal with more - just for the fun of it, you understand.

  15. So Mrs.C has about 14 pillows on your bed. That's what you're saying. Got it!

  16. The Man is very territorial about his Pillows too... it's curious, since we too have so many and yet some are crucial to his existence apparently and my using any of them would disrupt or cause an imbalance The Force or something?

  17. I only need one pillow.

    When I was a teenager and went to a friend's house after school once, I had to lie down for a bit since I wasn't feeling well. My girlfriend's mother said I could lie down in one of the beds. There was no pillow. NONE. "We sleep without pillows," she explained as if pillows were something unhealthy or decadent.

    Without pillows!!!


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