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Friday, August 30, 2019



Why do some people get so excited, sometimes even angry when a TV show has an editing error? 

The latest gaff was on “Bachelor in Paradise.”  I know, a stupid show, but many of us with no life do watch it.  

(If you do not watch or even own a TV it is fine with me.  I am as proud to watch this crap as some people are to assert, they never watch the most popular entertainment invention ever.)

Sorry for the mini-rant, it is just any time I mention TV there is always someone who brags about never watching or even owning a TV, as if that make them a better person than the 99.9% of the world that watches every night…(oops, that might have been another mini-rant…again, I am sorry.)

Anyway, this show ends each week with the bachelor(ette) handing out a rose to the bachelor(ette) of his (or her) choice.  The most controversial rose is always edited to be given at the end of the show.  This week, they failed to edit a scene showing a rose on a bachelorette that had not yet been chosen.

OMG!  “Bachelorette Nation” (That’s what they call serious viewers) exploded like the show was ruined and someone needed to be fired.

A few months ago, TV land erupted over a goof where a scene on “Game of Thrones” showed a Starbucks Coffee Cup.

Both of these mistakes could only be caught if you paused and reran the scene a few times.  The goofs lasted a nanosecond.

I guess the people who get all upset over these edit goofs did not grow up watching “Flash Gordon” where the spaceships were obviously cardboard on a string with a sparkler burning out of the tail.

Maybe they never got the crap scared out of them by a man in a scaly wet suit with Voit swim fins who was “The Creature From the Black Lagoon.”

They probably did not grow up believing Godzilla was tromping all over Tokyo and not plastic buildings from a Lionel Train set.

People today are so used to the fantastic special effects and editing that make movies and TV so real that any minor goof ruins the whole effect for them…Plus people today just love finding mistakes and apparently feel superior when the get to point those mistakes out.  I see that myself anytime I misspell a word or make a grammatical error.

I suppose when you’ve bought into the Lone Ranger shooting a gun out of the bad guys hand and never drawing blood, watched Batman climb a building with ease, or “Lost in Space” robots made of cardboard and flexible aluminum vent hosing, you lose your imagination.

My folks were raised listening to radio; now that generation had real imagination.


  1. I confess to getting excited (not in a good way) when I see a technical error. Like when a basketball team has jerseys with numbers over 5. No way is a real basketball game going to have a player with number 72. Or 27. The ref holds up his fingers to signal who fouled. He doesn't have seven fingers! For cryin' out loud, did the show not have a technical advisor?

    I do not confess to watching TV. I watch a lot of TV. That is normal. No confessing necessary.

  2. If I remember correctly (and I probably don't) wasn't the character in the House series changing which leg he limped on? People are human, even the pros who should be "catching" these discrepancies. Its what makes life interesting I think.

    I truly don't watch that much TV because hubby hogs the remote, but I've been known to binge quite a bit on Netflix.


    1. That should have been caught by the "continuity" technician, but still, mistakes get made.

  3. Omgosh we used to watch for those errors when we were little and we'd watch those old westerns with my dad. There was always some random airplane flying around in the background. It's funny when people get so annoyed with these types of errors. It's like no one told them that it's a t.v. show...

  4. Aah yes, radio. I am a devout listener now that television has gone all silly and stupid and BORING.

    1. See, always someone to tell me how bad TV is. That's OK I'm sure there are things or hobbies that other people have that I find stupid, silly and BORING.

    2. English TV is somewhat different to US. Take my word for it, English TV is ****.

  5. People actually get upset about the errors? I would think it was funny!

    And omg on the people who think they are better than the TV watchers, yet spend their evenings watching YouTube or movies on their laptops. What's the difference?

  6. Since I am not observant--I won't notice a male friend who has always worn a mustache to suddenly be clean shaven so I have no chance catching a TV error. I just enjoy the show.

  7. I think if you record the shows to watch later you might take more time to notice the mistakes. I don't watch TV..just kidding! I do watch TV, just not the shows you've mentioned. Anyway, I "imagine" if Starbucks was around back in the time of Game of Thrones they would absolutely be having a large cup of some concoction from that place! (probably pumpkin spice)

  8. Since I grew up with the primitive "special effects" of the shows like Flash Gordon, et al, I'm pretty amazed by the special effects of today's shows and don't bother complaining about any anomalies that might slip into them. I figure the shows are there purely for entertainment, not to dazzle me with their educational accuracy. if I don't like 'em, I don't watch.

  9. Joe, if i am one of those who has come across as "better than you" because we don't have a TV, please accept my humble apology. That was not the way i intended to sound, so i am sorry, please forgive me.

    You don't have to approve this comment if you don't want, i will not mind.

    1. Oh please, I'm just a blow hard.  It doesn't really ruffle my feathers, I just always think it is a bit funny how some subjects seem to be fair game.  Mention TV and people will brag how they never watch, talk about golf and someone always has to say it is a silly game chasing a little ball around, both things I dearly love and enjoy.

      When I read about someone who loves knitting, I would never tell them that I think it is a silly boring hobby.  For some reason it is quite permissible to disparage some pastimes and not others...TV is one.

      It is just an observation.

      Personally I hate musicals, opera, ballet and onions, but I do understand how some people may love them. 

    2. Thank you, and if i ever cook for you, i will make sure i leave out the onions.

  10. Dear Sir,

    May I say that I am completely bewildered and confused about your article today since I do not understand what is this contraption you call "TV". Never heard of it old boy! Over here in Britain we are far more advanced and we have at home a little box called a "wireless". Totally confounds me why they call it that since it has a wire about three feet long at the back which somehow connects to a hole in the wall. A little light comes up and a voice is heard on this box. Music too. Damn good show I say ... marvellous invention ... what? We listen to something called "BBC World Service". You should try it old boy ... great stuff.

    God bless you.

  11. What? No Flash Gordon? Yes, it was truly awful.

    Mom and I listened to radio as we worked in the kitchen. Good stuff.

  12. Wait. You mean those were plastic toys that Godzilla trampled and not real buildings in Tokyo? Ah, jeeze, man.

  13. I remember when we spotted a 727 going overhead in a scene from a TV show set during WW2 and we just thought it was funny. Obviously the film crew didn't see it or hadn't known about the flight path and timing and that scene was crucial enough to not get left on the cutting room floor. It's so silly to get angry about things like that.

  14. a witty post Joe

    people are quickly forgetting how to be happy
    happiness has Lot to do with imagination and people are loosing it swiftly unfortunately

    i have witnessed some such errors but never let them ruined my amusement consumed by the program
    biggest one was a blast scene in one very serious patriotic drama ,i don't don't know how they missed the editing so badly

    everybody supposed be sad and serious as precious loved one of hero were dying in blast but suddenly we see that one soldier was ruining towards place where death by blast were shown ,he ran and lied down

    i still remember how i stopped myself from a bursting laughter ,next day when show reran on t.v i told all who watch and imagine what happened

  15. No judgement from me on your TV addiction. I'm addicted to the Internet.

    And I'm pretty sure I'd be addicted to a lot of the same shows that you watch...if I only knew how to turn on the TV. Since we cut cable, it's all a confusing smorgasbord with about 8 remotes sitting on the coffee table. I just gave up.


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