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Sunday, September 1, 2019



Because, unlike Suldog, I believe there cannot be enough blog awards, I have added my own.  It is named after Jeff Dunham’s hysterical cranky old man puppet, “Walter.”

This award recognizes those bloggers who post consistent (2 days a week or more) original, humorous, thought provoking material, and or anyone I damn well feel like awarding it to.

To accept this award, you need only grab “Walter” from above and display it on your blog.  (I assume no responsibility if it is stolen copy written material)

There are no questions to answer.

This year’s “Walter” goes to (drum roll)

Victor S E Moubarak @ Time for reflections 

I somehow stumbled on to Victor’s blog just this year though he has been blogging and writing forever.

Victor is a prolific writer with a wicked somewhat eclectic sense of humor…in other words he is from the UK.  His posts often lean towards Christian teaching, but in a fun, thought provoking way, not at all preachy.

Check out his site and congratulate Victor on this years'


Previous winners of the WALTER are:


Scott at Flight Plan

Gia at “Mayor Gia”

Stephen at “The Chubby Chatterbox”

Pearl at “Pearl why you little…”

Fran at “Fishducky, finally!”

Val the Victorian at “Unbagging the Cats”


The Brandywine Chronicles" posted by Mary Beth (Hagy) Smith. @

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Jimmy @ Jimmy’s Opinion


Magical Mystical Mimi @ 

Sadly some of these fine bloggers have quit, have drastically cut down on their posting or are no longer with us.

I think I offended a few and they no longer follow this blog, but...

Check them out anyway!


  1. I've seen Victor's comments on your blog and other blogs I also follow. I think he is fitting to win your award. I will make an effort to visit his blog and see what he writes so very soon. Any one who is getting the gospel out in however form he is doing needs to have a look I do believe.


  2. dear Joe your blog is so interesting ,genuine and easy to navigate ,understand and digest

    i have read lots of humor back when i had plenty of time to read peacefully and i think humor is compelling though difficult ,it is rare gift i believe .
    i am happy that i find you ,believe it or not i keep you in my prayer so may you live long so i can read you until i am alive lol

    i am bit ill but i will try to visit Victor who's comments appear on your site

  3. Congratulations to Victor. I haven't yet checked out his blog and I really should because I enjoy reading his comments.

  4. I went over and congratulated him on his Walter Award.

    Have a fabulous day and Labor Day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  5. Hi Joe,

    Thank you so much for this surprise mention and award you have bestowed upon me. I am so humbled and speechless that I shall write my thoughts down instead. In any case, I doubt you would hear me if I spoke because of the vast distance between us.

    As I was saying before my thoughts interrupted me. I was so surprised to see my name here on your Blog that my chair slipped from under me, I hit my face on the monitor, and started a nose bleed as I fell to the floor. The dog who was sleeping beside me woke up in a fright and bit me in an unmentionable part. The cat then ran towards me and scratched me.

    I managed to call an ambulance. When the ambulance men carried me out they asked me what happened. When I told them they laughed so much they dropped me off the stretcher onto the ground again, where I suffered more bruises and a twisted ankle.

    At the hospital the nurses injected me with several anti-infection medicines. I hate needles but had to endure the pain, and humiliation as I could see them giggling by the shaking of their breasts.

    All this reminded me of the vicissitudes of life and the fact that you never know when you are likely to expose your backside to complete strangers for them to stick needles in it.

    It is true that my Blog is basically a Christian one. My aim is to encourage my readers to consider how much they are really loved by God - however they believe Him to be. But also my Blog contains a modicum of humour. Because I believe God has a sense of humour. I'd be in real trouble if He hasn't.

    Thank you again, Joe. God bless you and your readers.

  6. I will go visit Victor to congratulate him. I have enjoyed his comments. I wear my Walter loud and proud on my blog. Thank you.

  7. I was so happy to receive my Walter - thank you again, Joe. :) - I popped in over at Victor's to congratulate him and much to my surprise I was not stricken down with lightning bolts! Go me. :)

  8. Happily, I know each of these bloggers. Good reads.

  9. Thank you for the recommendation, i will check him out, and congratulations to him!

  10. Congrats to Victor! His comments always give me a chuckle.

  11. A great way to find new Blogger's. I have enjoyed getting to know Magical Mimi this past year. But I sure miss Jimmy!

  12. I had no idea that I was a Walter recipient. How did I miss that.
    I will go check out Victor’s blog.

  13. Please can you have an award for people who post once a week until something distracts them and who then post every few centuries thereafter? That would be good. I'd be in with a chance.
    Well done to Victor, you superhuman wordsmith��.

  14. I'll have to check out Victor's blog! Congratulations to him on the award.