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Friday, September 6, 2019



I remember when the ponds in New Jersey would freeze over for at least a week or two every winter…not anymore.  Clearly the climate has changed from my youth.  Experts say it is getting warmer; my recollections of Winter would support that assertion.

Strangely enough, my recollection is that summers are not as warm as they used to be.  I suspect weather records would dispute that.  My memory is probably clouded by the fact that there were few air-conditioners in my youth.

Anyway, the climate is changing.  It’s my guess that this climate changing phenomenon, which is apparently becoming a crisis, has been going on now for about two billion years.

I know there have been several ice-ages, I’ve seen two cartoon movies to confirm that.  Things had to be extra warm when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  Those giant cold-blooded reptiles would not have survived if it wasn’t real warm.

I sure wouldn’t want another ice-age, and I’d rather not be competing for oxygen with Pterodactyls and T-Rex.

I like the climate about how it is now, but that is just me.

What if we (Mankind) could control the climate however we wanted.  If a scientific breakthrough allowed us to adjust the worlds temperature, rainfall and wind, wouldn’t that be terrific?


We (Mankind) cannot agree on anything in this world.  My wife and I are often at odds on where to set the thermostat in our home.

Who could we trust to control the world’s climate?  How could anyone satisfy the climate wants of everone?

The Russians might be demanding a little more warmth.  Africa would be demanding the temperature be turned down just a bit. 

Arid countries would be calling for more rain, other areas of the world might be demanding more sunshine.  How would we allocate the humidity? 

There would be complaints from all over that it was too windy, while some might enjoy a good breeze.  Skiers would want plenty of snow, while others hate the white stuff.

The world goes to war over Religion, over oil, gold and other resources.  Countries kill over slivers of land, wars are fought over trade and economics.

Could we survive being able to control the climate?

I don’t think so.

I am against climate change. I kind of like the current climate arrangement.  But, I’m pretty sure that if we had climate control, we would constantly be at war with everyone.

You want to see a real climate crisis?  A real crisis would be if the climate could be controlled.


  1. I like your take on climate control. Imagine the fighting over who gets what warming and cooling, globally. As you note, the earth's climate has been warming and cooling ever since it was formed. At one point my home state of Wisconsin was under two miles thick ice and then global warming melted the ice.

  2. I don't go with the theories of climate change and it being warmer. I've lived in Phoenix for 4 summers now and the first was so hot but this one was actually "bearable" with temps below average a lot of the days. There are seasons of highs and lows. If we were able to chart all the temps of all the areas for all time we would see the ups and downs like we see now.


  3. I can't even control my own body temperature, so controlling the climate would be impossible for me. One minute too hot, next minute too cold. Even with my air-conditioning, I spend too much time adding or removing layers of clothing.

  4. So many good points in this post, Joe.

    Some say dinosaurs all died because they could not withstand the cold temperatures of the ice-age; others say they died because they were killed by a meteorite, or asteroid which hit the earth. Although why they were all standing in the same place at the time is a mystery to me.

    I believe the reason for global warming is candles. Can you imagine how many candles are lit at any one time in the world? In churches, in restaurants, at romantic dinner tables, in the bathroom - I mean; whoever thought of candles in the bathroom? Very dangerous if you happen to singe your hair. On birthday cakes too? Come on - admit it. How many candles are on your birthday cake each year? You and all these other candles are contributing to global warming.

    All I say here is very true. I read it in a scientific book I am writing.

    God bless.

  5. Good point. Probably they would put scientists in charge of it, and all our pleading for good weather every weekend would be ignored by cold-hearted math calculations they would follow.

  6. I guess each country would need an Official Minister of the Thermostat.

  7. If man were able to control climate, it would be an unmitigated disaster. Just like so much else we do, haha. I too am against climate change, but I think we have to go along for the ride......

  8. That is kind of a scary thought. It is near impossible in one family to find the perfect temps, imagine trying to satisfy 7 billion people.

  9. No doubt in my mind, the climate is changing. We see it because we're old enough to remember how it used to be. The young, are just told that it is changing. They haven't a clue. My family were always "into" weather before it was popular. My dad was a contractor in San Francisco and every morning we needed to know how the weather looked.

    Now the question is, do I believe man has caused it. Humans have caused the oceans to be littered with plastic garbage, but climate? I don't think so. I resent my state government raising taxes for climate change but offer no solutions to what they are actually doing. Plus, the tax money is never enough. It is what it is...sometimes I am happy I only have about 20-30 years left on this earth. I can't imagine how much sillier we humans will become and what new FEAR, we will scare the public with (all a ruse to collect more money)

  10. Questions are going on in the UK, pity there doesn't seem to be an answer or, it there is one, I shall be too old to enjoy it!

  11. I thought the climate change was because the rain forest is being burned up....anyway, you should work in surgery with me and feel the climate change. The patients are always cold, (of course they are lacking in clothing) and the rest of us fight over the room temps. Those of us who have hot flashes..or as I say, my own personal summer, are never too cold, except when we are too cold, some of the Docs want it freezing, some want it warm. The answer? Well, the maintenance department changed the way it's all controlled which means we can't mess with the thermostats anymore and they now control it. Yep, it's a mess so I wouldn't suggest anyone other than God making those decisions.