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Thursday, September 5, 2019


“To indulge (oneself) in pride usually used in the phrase pride oneself on to describe taking pride in some ability, quality.”

So, in Boston there was a “Heterosexual Pride Parade.” Do I think this is ridiculous? 

I've always thought Pride was something you earned, some quality or ability that you have achieved.

I’m not sure sexual identification of any sort can be described as a quality or ability.  It just is!

Am I proud to be an American?  I am glad I am an American, I take pride in the accomplishments of our country, but take no pride in simply being an American.  I did nothing to be an American, it just happened when I was born.  I am pleased that I was born, but I am not PROUD of being born.

Thus, I think most of these “Pride” parades are silly.

I sort of understand the Gay Pride Parade thing.  It is actually more of a “Fuck You, we are no longer ashamed of being gay” parade.  After centuries of living in a closet, I understand rejoicing in the ability to flip a collective bird to those who had forced you in that closet.

On that basis I give the LGBTQXYZWMR movement a pass…but after many years of greater acceptance of the Gay lifestyle, I think the Gay Pride thing has run its course.  It is just a matter of semantics, but call it a “Gay Celebration Parade.”

I‘m not proud of being heterosexual, I am not proud of being white, I am not proud of being left-handed.  I am also not apologetic or ashamed of any of these things…I just am those things. 

I m proud of my children; I had something to do with them.  I am proud of my grandchildren because it is my children raising them well.


Heterosexual pride…ridiculous.

Gay pride, I get it, but call it a celebration, much like the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; they are happy to be Irish…actually that is a bad example, the Irish will celebrate anything.

What was I saying?  I don’t really remember, I am getting old.  Actually, I am proud to be old, I’ve worked hard to be old, it has taken me many years to be old.

When and where is the Old Fart’s "Gray* Pride Parade?"

*Stolen from not my Uncle Skip


  1. I like the Pride parades because they are so colourful, but then again, so is any parade or pageant. I do agree the pride parades aren't necessary, whether they are gay or straight.

  2. Parades here involve a lot of drunkeness and trash left behind on the streets. I'm all for just banning all of them.

  3. Zee Engleesh language eet eez zee changing all zee time. Zat eez why I speak in zee French.

    God bless, Joe.

  4. I recently became aware of Freedom March. Those are people who once were gay or gender misidentified that have come to see that they were mislead and have come to have a relationship with Jesus and have changed their lifestyle totally because of the saving grace of Jesus. They have been transformed into a new creation as Jesus promised in the Bible. If such a parade came to Phoenix I would go and support it.


  5. Got to admit Joe that I agree with your entire post and you even made me think about how pride is so misused. Good one.

  6. There are many misused words we use today that bug me. I agree with you on pride and also another that really bugs me is the way we call practically anybody who is a victim, a HERO. To me, a hero is someone putting their own life at great risk, for the greater good of others. I respect teachers, but I don't believe all teachers are heroes. Just bugs me...I have another example but it would be politically incorrect and this time of the year, it would upset people and have them think I am insensitive. (which I am not) I guess I am more literal than some.

  7. Great post. Joe, and Uncle Skip's contribution ain't bad either.

  8. Yes, pride is a word too much misused. Be proud of accomplishments, that you worked hard to achieve them. That i can stand behind.

  9. I'm neutral on this parade thing. Celebrate what you want to celebrate, get the proper permits, pick up after yourself, and hopefully nobody who considers themselves morally superior to you will interfere.