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Monday, September 16, 2019



I got nothing, so here is a re-run from September 2019
Nothing is easy at the Cranky household.  Even sleeping is complicated.

Mrs. C demands to sleep on the right side of the bed.  That works for me as the bedroom door is on the left side of the bed.  I have always been of the opinion that the man (or strongest gay partner) should sleep on the same side of the bed as the bedroom door.
When we stay at a hotel, sometimes the door is on the right and I demand to sleep on that side.
“No way, I sleep on the right side.”
“But the door is on the right, if someone breaks in I need to be the best position to defend you.”
“Oh please, I wake up at the drop of a hat, you would sleep through me being ravaged regardless of which side you sleep.”
She has a point, though the chivalrous section of my brain still feels the need to be between her and the door.
Recently Mrs. C has complained about the temperature in our bedroom. The air conditioner blows from her side of the bed and she complains about being cold while I complain about being too hot.
I suggested we change sides.
“No way, because in the winter the hot air blows from that side of the bed and I want the heat.  Plus, who would protect me if there was a break in.”
(Notice how women use selective reasoning?)
“Well in the winter we could switch sides.”  
“No, I am used to sleeping on this side, changing with the seasons would throw me all off kilter.”
That’s it, no arguing with that.  I guess things will just have to stay as they are.  Mrs. C will freeze in the summer but be warm in the winter, and regardless of the season I am the defender if we have an intruder…unless we stay at a hotel, then Mrs. C may have to fend for herself.


  1. It is a no-win situation, just go with it.

  2. One of the many things about single living that I have come to appreciate. I can sprawl out over the entire bed and no one farts under the covers but me.

  3. I always choose the side closest to the bathroom.

  4. That woman uses feminine intuition to confuse you, Joe.

  5. Yeah, I think many couples have this argument. It is much easier to just give into the one who won’t budge. I learned this the first week of my marriage, 52 years ago. I learned then not to go into battle after you lost the war.

  6. It matters not which side i sleep on, i will end up with a cat trying to push me off of either side to get the warm spot where i was.

  7. I gotta have the right side, even if it leaves me undefended.

  8. I like Bijoux's answer. It seems suitable to me. But in real life hubby sleeps closer to the side that could potentially be attacked if there was an intruder. I guess I must sleep sleep on the right side of the bed closer to the window where we currently live. I just hope I sleep no matter where I'm placed on the bed. Insomnia is such a drag.


  9. How sad that even at your part of land you keep in mind intruders dear Joe

    i am not surprised that you sleep more soundly than Mrs c ,same here :)

    in summers we sleep out in yard where fan is kept on one side to throw air so first place we give to our kids ,i used to sleep on the fan's side before but now i take last place and hubby sleeps front of fan
    i told him that is easy for me but i do it so he can be comfortable

  10. whose side? My side of course.
    Chosen sides of bed should never be changed regardless of where the door is. If Mrs C freezes during summer, let her sleep in long johns and a sweater.

  11. I have no side. My dog takes up the whole bed.

  12. I can do either side but prefer the one closest to the door that leads to the bathroom.

  13. I sleep wherever and whenever she lets me.

    Any questions?

  14. I have to have the left side of the bed. Hubby is perfectly fine on the right. At home that makes him the defender. It would make me the defender in the vacation house we always rent. Hubby has always said if someone breaks in our house, though, they have a much better chance of surviving him than me, so I'm not too worried.

    Maybe it's time for a ceiling fan in your bedroom?

  15. We have switched sides many times, but for the last few years I've slept on the left...nearest the door, lol. Like your lovely partner, I am a very light sleeper (well, most of the time). Makes me think we need to switch it up, but I don't think he'll agree to change it this time!

  16. I sleep on the right side which is closest to the door. It's also closest to the bathroom which is required for me.