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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Not So Fonda My Honda (service)

Not So Fonda My Honda (service)

I took my ’18 Honda HRV (Harvey) to the dealer for service.  The car is over a year old and this is only the second time I have taken it in for service.

The car has 11,000 miles on it.  I am of the school that a car needs service every 3000 miles.  My wife and Honda disagree.

Wife, “That’s old school, cars today need an oil change only every 6 to 8000 miles.”

Honda, “No need to bring it in for another 2000 miles.”

Me, “It’s been 5000 miles, I am uncomfortable at over 3000 miles.”

Honda, “Sir it is really…”

Me interrupting, and lying, “Look, I’m going to be away for a while, and want service now as it may be too late if I wait longer.”

Honda, “Ok, bring it in, but you’re fine for now.”

Imagine having to lie to have a dealer let you bring in a car for service.

Anyway, I brought the car in at 10:00.  They told me it should be ready in an hour or an hour and a half.

I waited over two and a half hours.  Getting antsy, I went in to the service area to see what the hold up was, or if they just forgot me.

The lady who took my keys and told me it should be an hour or an hour and a half was with a customer who was wearing a blue shirt.  The customer was going on and on about some complaint.

I could see my keys and a service receipt on her desk, just waiting for me to pay and go.

The dude in the blue shirt then had a manager come over to try and resolve his problem, but they did not move from the desk which held my hope for escape.  I was unable to get anyone’s attention.

After about 15 minutes, (which is 2 ½ hours, in waiting for your car when you can see the keys and service receipt, time), blue shirt finally left with the manager.

Honda Lady “I am so sorry, that man would not give up, your car is done, here are the keys, just take the receipt and pay the teller.”

Me “Thank you.”

I went to the teller to pay and was once again behind Mr. Blue-Friggin Shirt!  He was still arguing about something.  He was not happy.  I was less happy. 

I hate the man in the blue-friggin shirt.

Ten minutes later, (1 hour and 45 minutes, in waiting to pay for your car’s service and get the heck out of town, time), and someone finally spotted me and led me to a pay teller not blocked by the blue shirt dude.

I finally paid and left to get my car and go home.  The exit was blocked by blue shirt guy.  I plowed through him without an excuse me.  He acted upset.  I did not give a crap.

The lot at the dealer is huge and spread out all around the dealership.  Spotting a gun-metal gray Honda in the lot of a Honda dealer is not easy.  I was getting a bit peeved!

I went back in and asked if someone could give me a hint where my car was parked.  I was told to press the emergency button on my key fob and go to the honking car.

I found the honking car.  I was not told how to stop the honking.  I pressed every button on the fob and the honking stopped.  Finally, I drove home.

I’m waiting at least 8000 miles before bringing the car in for service again.


  1. Listen to your wife. Wives are always right - so says my wife.

    God bless.

  2. My husband is like you, every 3000 miles. He did that for the longest time with the Nissan Versa he drives until someone told him every 5000 miles is the recommended time length. That's what we do with the Nissan Rogue that doesn't get many miles on it and is 3 years old with almost 30,000 miles. Nissan has major maintenance at every 15,000 mile interval so I dread the 30,000 mile one. Nothing worse than waiting for the car to be ready and for it to go WAY longer than promised. And what is it with having to hunt up your own car? At the Nissan place, they bring it personally out to the exit lane of the service line so its right there ready after one pays. My son has a Honda Civic. I'll have to see what the Honda place here does with retrieving cars after servicing.



  3. Next time they want to argue, tell them you want to come in and give them money, and ask why they are arguing. It will probably stop.

    Or wait 8,000 miles as you've said and listen to them fuss that you waited too long.

  4. We have a Honda too and we only bring it in when the computer tells us it's due for whatever service. I'm not giving them anymore money than I have to.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  5. Gee I'm glad I don't have a car to worry about.

  6. I have had similar issues at the Honda service dept for recalls. The wait time is always twice as long as they claim it will be. Fortunately, they wash the car and pull it up into the garage right where you pay, so that part is nice.

    I never get my oil changed till 6000 miles or more. For one, it's expensive oil! Just look on the car's menu and it tells you what percentage of oil you have left. I was just warned with my new Honda to not get the oil changed for first time until it's at 10% because they put some additive in it that should run through your car as long as possible (my uneducated paraphrase).

  7. I'm sure my husband would join you to incite an angry mob at Honda in exchange for you joining his angry mob at the Walmart automotive center. He'll bring the pitchforks, you bring the flaming torches.

  8. i wonder what was the problem of blue shirt ,sounds never ending :)

    i think your lie was wise one and for better
    hubby is too caring for such responsibilities
    i enjoyed the post a lot because you have such gift to tell a simple story with an amazingly amusing way dear Joe !

  9. Sure do feel sorry for whoever blue shirt went home to. Think once I had my keys, I'd have gone home and mailed them a check. Oh yes, there was that finding the car thing. I do the 5000 mile thing now and it was hard to give up the 3000 mile guidelines but I've had my Toyota Tacoma for 15 years (160 thousand miles) and it has never been in the shop for anything but oil changes, one battery, one set of plugs and tires. Runs like a champ. Hope I didn't just jinx it.

  10. Glad your car is home safe...glad you're not in jail for killing the man in the blue shirt! But here's the real killer..I thought I was reading a blog post by Rick Watson. I kept thinking, man, I've never heard...or read..Rick so angry. He's usually very Zen about stuff. Then I realized it was your blog! Ha! Now it made total sense!

  11. Whatever the mileage they had no right to treat customers that way. They should be prepared for emergencies, find you a chair and provide you with a cup of tea. I know it sounds far fetched but that's what they do at the garage I used to go to.