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Thursday, August 8, 2019



Hmmm…no post in two days. 

Recent posts bordered on politics, a big (NO NO!), making fun of Mrs. C (Zzzzz), and a fart record re-run (Eeeew!).  I’ve got nothing.  Still I have a need to post something.  Why, I do not know. 

Perhaps I should join Bloggers anonymous.

“Hi, my name is Cranky, and I blog, even when I have nothing to say.”

“Hello Cranky.”

“All I have these days is golf, and no one likes golf.”

“Blog about it anyway Cranky, no one has to read it, you just need to post something.”

“Your right, thanks.”

I played golf today, second time this week.  Both days I came to the ninth hole two under.  (I generally only play nine holes, especially in this heat.)  That’s two under bogy, not two under par for those who know the game.  Two under par and I would be joining the senior circuit.


I come to the ninth hole and a simple score of five on this par four hole and I go home very happy.  This hole is only 330 yards long, but there is water 180 yards out and it would take a gorilla to drive past that water.

So, both days I lay up five yards from the water hole, an easy 150-yard five iron to the green, or even close to the green and it is chip, putt, putt, bogy-five and I go home a happy golfer.

Both days I hit the only topped grounder of the day dribbling right into the water.  Penalty, hit, chip, putt, putt, putt, and I go home pissed off and miserable after a round ruining eight.


This is a horrible game! 

Except, it is not commuting three hours a day on a sweaty train, working a crappy job, and coming home to a wack-a-doodle wife!

I now come home to a cold beer a good woman and a short nap.

Golf is tough.

Life is good.





  1. There's always got to be that one thing that is the fly in the ointment of an otherwise wonderful day.

  2. I suggest you stop wearing purple pants like that guy in the picture. I think they are Hit-in-the-Water Pants. If you weren't wearing purple pants, I don't have any suggestions.

  3. Life is always good if one has a cold beer to accompany it!


  4. Years ago I played golf with a man who could play left handed and right handed. We made appointments to meet at the club and he'd say, "see you tomorrow at 9:00; I may be late". He never was. He turned up every day and sometimes he played the whole course left handed, and sometimes right handed. One day I asked him about this. He said, "when I wake up in the morning I see my wife in bed. If she's sleeping on her left side I play left handed. If she's on the right I play right handed!"

    "What happens if she's sleeping on her back?" I asked.

    He replied, "That's when I'll be late!"

    God bless.

  5. Although I'm not a golfer it's important to have someplace to go and hit something. In your case the small white ball, in my case the small green one. Fun times!

  6. Wow, does life get any better--well maybe staying out of the water but think you have it made Joeh. And there is always next time.

  7. If you gave up golf you'd have no frustrations at all. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  8. I always think you sound so smart when you write something in Greek.