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Monday, February 6, 2017


Except for the ’69 Jet and any of the four NY Giant Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl LI, even though it was won by the Patriots and I hate the Patriots, will go down as the greatest Super Bowl ever.  It was the greatest ever for several reasons.
I have seen every play of every Super Bowl ever played.  Most have been horrible games, especially the first 30 or so games.  The Super Bowl used to be notorious for boring blow outs, annoying long halftime performances, and too much attention paid to the commercials.  On a personal note, I hate large Super Bowl parties and lately have been watching the games by myself.
This year Mrs. C dragged me to her friend’s new home across the Jersey border and into Pennsylvania.  It turned out to be a fairly easy drive, there was not a large party, just us and her friends, an interesting and fun couple.  There was also good food, good wine and an 9-foot, that’s right, a 9-foot projection screen.
So the company was good, the food and drink good and the venue outstanding.  This year the commercials were actually very entertaining, and the halftime was excellent. Lady Gaga put on the best halftime performance ever.
Then there was the game.  If you read my Saturday post “How To Beat The Patriots”
you would know that the Falcons followed my formula to a tee…at least for the first half. 
Pressure Brady: Check!
Brady was hit, hurried and sacked 4 or 5 times.  He was hurried into giving up an interception for a touchdown and the Patriots scored only 3 points in the first half.
Run the ball and control the clock: Check!
The Falcons averaged about 6 yards a carry and it opened up the passing game and kept Brady off the field. 
The Falcons led 21-3 at halftime.  Near the end of the third quarter they led 28-3, then they stopped following the formula.  Brady’s protection picked up and he started to pick the Falcons apart.  The Patriots stopped the Falcons running game and Atlanta could not establish ball control.  Brady stayed on the field and the Falcons defense started to wear down.
Then on a crucial play in the fourth quarter the Falcons followed step three of my formula.
Make an impossible catch at a crucial time:
Ryan dodged a sack, threw a long pass into coverage and Jones made an unbelievable catch while somehow staying in bounds.  I was sure the Falcons would go on to close out the game.
They did not.  Brady led the Pats to two TD’s and two, two point conversions, aided by their own unbelievable impossible catch by Edelman, and the game went into overtime.
New England won the toss and got the ball and that was all she wrote.  Atlanta’s defense was gassed and they could not stop a Brady march to the winning touchdown.
Unbelievable game, great plays, fantastic come from behind win by the Patriots.
My formula was spot on, my prediction close.  Apparently, I did not factor in a very important component to the Patriots game plan.
A Jim Sullivan (Suldog) good luck charm niece!
 Overall, it was the best Super Bowl ever!


  1. Can't comment on sporty things but I did love the photograph of your lovely niece.

    1. Not my niece, the niece of fellow blogger who has been claiming NE success is the result of his good luck charm.

  2. I went to bed and apparently missed the excitement. Lady Gaga was truly wonderful, avoiding politics while still being patriotic!

  3. It was amazing. The game was the Falcons to lose, and they did. Sort of reminded me of the (S)Ain'ts. They are usually the ones losing at the last minute to the Falcons.

  4. Spot was a GREAT game! I have no love for either team, so I was just hoping for a good, exciting game, and I got my wish. That ending was amazing. Love him or hate him, you must admit Tom Brady is THE BEST!

  5. That was one heck of a half time show. The 'Lady' worked her butt off.

  6. So now I know who won the game. Shows you how much we care around here.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the game. That's what it's all about.

    Have a fabulous day Joe. ☺

  7. Undoubtedly one of the best Super Bowls ever, even though I wasn't rooting for the Patriots.

  8. Tom Brady is the GOAT (Greatest of all Time).

  9. I pretty much missed the whole game. Oh well.

  10. As I watched it I kept thinking that it was pretty much how Cranky drew it up. I was so happy for almost 3 quarters, then the Falcons quit playing and Brady and company did their magic. Like you, not the way I wanted but mercy it was a great game. Gotta give it to the Patriots.

  11. Give the devil his due, no matter how much I dislike the Patriots and their suspect ethics they sure are a great team when all is said and done.

  12. I am a Pats fan but at halftime I was so disappointed. Never in a million years did I imagine a comeback and historical first time ever overtime. I just couldn't believe I witnessed it. I couldn't get to sleep for another 3 hours I was so wound up. So glad to have been part of watching it happen live.

  13. I watched until the middle of the second quarter, then abandoned it. Didn't even watch half time, though I do have the whole game on DVR. I'll probably just delete it. I WAS shocked to read that the Patriots had won.

  14. I totally enjoyed Lady Gaga's halftime show. Very nicely done! I have to admit, though not a fan, watching the Patriots incredible come back, I was rooting for them more than once during the third and fourth quarters. Absolutely amazing end of the game!


  15. I second all the above. I was rooting for the Falcons to honor my Atlanta, GA family. My little Patriot fan host 8 year old twin, cute as can be) asked me who I wanted to win. I didn't want to seem disrespectful since I was in Patriot land so I said I wanted the best team to win. She said "I can accept that." And the best team won. Wow, that was an amazing game. Kudos and kudos to the Patriots. They were the best team.


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