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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Only Thing I Really Want

The Only Thing I Really Want

I am a lucky guy.  In my older age, there is only one thing I really want.  Well, OK, a little extra cash would be nice, and everyone wants good health for themselves and their loved ones.  But beyond that I only want one thing.

OK, world peace would be nice, and a healthy economy.  Oh yeah, and an end to terrorism…but other than all that, I only lack one thing in my life.  That is, besides breaking 90 in golf, and averaging 190 in bowling, I only want one thing.  Playing guitar really well would be nice, and I wish I had a decent singing voice, but that is not the one thing I want that would make my life perfect…almost.

Did I mention a house at the shore…beach block?  That would be great, but that is not the one thing I really want.

Besides extra cash, good health, world peace, a strong economy, an end to terrorism, breaking 90 in golf and averaging 190 in bowling, playing guitar really well, a decent singing voice and a house at the shore on the beach block, I really, really want a wider driveway.

That’s it, a wider driveway.

We live in a town house.  It is a nice size for us, 2 ½ baths, a guest bedroom and a large master bedroom.  It has an eat-in kitchen, a family area and a living room and dining room that we almost never use.  We have a finished basement where I can hide from Mrs. Cranky and watch TV, exercise or practice guitar.  There is an association swimming pool in the summer, and it is a nice quiet neighborhood.  All is good, except we have a driveway that is only one car wide.

My car goes in the garage, Mrs. C parks behind in the driveway.  If I want to go anywhere, she has to move the car to let me out.  Then when I get back I park in the driveway behind Mrs. C.  When she has to go to work, I have to move my car to let her out.  It almost always seems that whenever anyone wants to go somewhere, they are blocked in because of our one car driveway.

I hear some of you asking, “Why don’t you just use whichever car is not blocked?” Good point.  Fine with me, but Mrs. C hates driving my Jeep, and she refuses to let me drive her car…she claims I adjust the seat and she never gets it back to where she wants it.  I know…get one of those computer seat setting things, maybe next car.

In the meantime, I only need one thing for life to be perfect, a two-car driveway…and maybe all that other stuff.

Life is good.


  1. You need a second layer. Over the first. A two-story driveway.

    You're welcome.

  2. When we were looking at houses last year to buy, we ran into a few houses like this. Though we liked the insides of the majority of them, we couldn't quite get over the fact we might have to "leap frog" cars to accommodate the one car driveway. Now we have the 2 car driveway and 2 car garage, but only one car fits in the garage and its not because of my stuff :)


  3. Everybody wants what they don't have. (Grin) I'm with Mrs. C. I didn't like DH using my car either. He would turn on the radio and I would get the crap scared out of me when I hit the key.
    No space to make it wider? I suppose you could always think about moving ...

  4. Switch to motorbikes, they'll park side by side in the garage. Problem solved.
    (evil grin)

  5. Someone already gave my reply.... a two storey driveway, preferably with lift attached.

  6. We have a wide driveway, it's our house that needs work. Is there a way to extend the driveway further into the back yard, so whoever is parked there can pull past the garage? Neither of you would be in the other's way then.

    1. The townhouse association does not allow any outside changes or additions.

  7. Our driveway is big enough to park six cars on it. I wish I could cut off a piece and send it to you.

  8. You can get five mid size vehicles in our driveway..fantastic you say...yes it is...until you have to shovel it out lol.

  9. Seems silly to have a one car garage for an obviously two car family. With guests.

  10. I hear you. I remember this in my last home. I'm so glad to have lots of driveway now.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. Ahhhh, first-world problems. The best kind to have.

  12. A one-car driveway! That's barbaric!

  13. We're fortunate enough to have a little side spot in the driveway so neither of us have to move for the other one to get out. It seems like switching cars is never a good option. It's always an ordeal if we have to switch cars to get everything moved from car to car.

  14. This post reminded me of the scene in "The Jerk" where Steve Martin is leaving home and keeps saying, "All I need is..." as he grabbed more and more ridiculous things to carry with him.

    We've got a LOT of driveway, because my hubby has multiple cars. Um, maybe you guys could drive those little toy cars... like a Mini or Smart car. (If you could keep a straight face while putting around in one of them... I don't think my hubby and I could.)

  15. We have the exact same problem at our house. Constantly moving cars. It's definitely annoying. My next door neighbor is hardly ever home as she's at the boyfriends house so I park my car in her driveway sometimes and thats a YUGE help. Next for 2 cars!


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